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Name: Kunio no Nekketsu Dojjibōru Densetsu
Name (kanji/kana): くにおの熱血闘球伝説
JP Translation: "Kunio's Hot Blooded Dodgeball Legend"
Developer(s): Technōs Japan Corp.
Publisher(s): SNK
Release Date(s) 1996

Super Dodge Ball, known in Japan as Kunio no Nekketsu Dodgeball Densetsu (くにおの熱血闘球伝説 Kunio no Nekketsu Dojjibōru Densetsu, lit. "Kunio's Hot Blooded Dodgeball Legend") is a dodge ball-based sports game released for the Neo Geo platform in 1996. Developed by Technōs Japan Corp. and published by SNK, it was the last game the former company developed before they went out of business. The game was not officially released in Japan (only a Western version was produced, even though it was exhibited at the Japan Amusement Expo) but the game can be played with Japanese settings if the Neo Geo's motherboard is set to that region. No AES version of the game was released and MVS versions came in limited quantities.




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Sdodgeb kunio

Kunio with his default teammates: Kamekichi (right) and Musashi.

In this game, Kunio is voiced by Ryō Horikawa.


Sdodgeb riki

Riki with his default teammates: Ushimaru (right) and Kozue.

In this game, Riki is voiced by Masaaki Ōkura.


Sdodgeb miyuki

Miyuki with her default teammates: Keiko (right) and Kaede.

Miyuki is voiced by Yuka Koyama.


Sdodgeb kenji

Kenji and his default teammates: Jyoji (right) and Makoto.

Kenji is voiced by Tōru Furuya.


Sdodgeb shinji

Shinji and his default teammates: Hiromitsu (right) and Akira.

Shinji is voiced by Hisao Egawa.


Sdodgeb misuzu

Misuzu and her default teammates: Kiyoshi (right) and Gonzou.

Misuzu is voiced by Keiko Yamamoto.


Sdodgeb sabu

Sabu with his default teammates: Takuya (right) and Akemi.

Sabu is voiced by Yukimasa Kishino.


  • Kamekichi (Kunio's team), Kaede (Miyuki's team), Makoto (Kenji's team)
    • Thin, nerd/student-type characters wearing glasses. The power of their running shots are high but their shooting speed is too low. Their counter technique is not very good.
  • Musashi (Kunio's team), Hiromitsu (Shinji's team), Gonzou (Misuzu's team)
    • Fat, bald men. Their jump height is the lowest but their counter technique is excellent. Their special moves are also great.
  • Keiko (Miyuki's team), Akemi (Sabu's team), Kozue (Riki's team)
    • The athletic ladies with short hair. Their ground shots are weak, but their jumping shots are strong. They are the only teammates with an invulnerable counter technique at startup.
  • Jyoji (Kenji's team), Takuya (Sabu's team), Akira (Shinji's team)
    • Delinquent-type looking characters, they are practically a weaker version of Kenji.
  • Kiyoshi (Misuzu's team), Ushimaru (Riki's team)
    • Jock-looking types with rugby equipment. Their shots are comparable to the captains of each team.

Other characters

D.B. Maou

Sdodgeb dmaou

D.B. Maou with his teammates Daa and Boo.

The game's non-playable final boss. He has two forms in the game. He is voiced by Daisuke Gōri.

  • Daa & Boo
    • Minions of Maou, the look exactly like the Jock-type characters.
  • Angela (voiced by: Sara Nakayama)
    • Maou's daughter, the game's announcer and referee.



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