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River City Girls (熱血硬派くにおくん外伝 リバーシティーガールズ Nekketsu Kōha Kunio-kun Gaiden Ribā Shitī Gāruzu?, lit. "Hot-Blooded Tough Guy Kunio Side Story: River City Girls") is a beat 'em up role-playing game in the Kunio-kun franchise developed by WayForward and published by Arc System Works. The second spin-off game in the franchise, it was released on September 5, 2019 for PC (via Steam), Nintendo Switch (on the Nintendo eShop), Sony PlayStation 4 (through the PlayStation Store) and Xbox One (via Microsoft Store).

The game is directed by Adam Tierney and Bannon Rudis. Rudis previously worked on River City Ransom: Underground, and was approached by Tierney, who wanted to take the River City franchise into a new goofy, zany direction[2]. The two then sought out Priscilla Hamby (Rem), the illustrator of the Devil's Candy webcomic, to re-imagine the characters of the franchise[3]. Tierney and Rudis wanted the characters and presentation to awe the audience. The game departs drastically from previous games in the series with expressive combat and bizarre mechanics, creating a unique system that sets the game apart from other games in the franchise while still having elements from it. Like River City Ransom: Underground, which celebrated the original River City Ransom and the NES era, River City Girls also celebrates the franchises of Technōs Japan.

Although billed as a canonical game in the Kunio-kun franchise[4], the game does not follow the continuity started with Nekketsu Kōha Kunio-kun Special. It also ignores and contradicts old continuity from previous games in the franchise.

Limited Run Games released a physical edition of the game.[5]

On June 14, 2021, WayForward announced that the game will be receiving a sequel in 2022 on PC and consoles.[6]


The game is the first collaboration between Arc System Works and WayForward, but it is the second time that WayForward works on an intellectual property that previously belonged to Technōs Japan Corp. (they previously worked on Double Dragon Neon). The game was in development for nearly three years [7].

Adam Tierney approached Bannon Rudis with the idea to co-direct a new entry in the River City series and take the game in a new direction. Once Rudis saw what Tierney had done, he agreed to work on the game. The goal was to create a River City Ransom game in the style of Shantae (WayForward's flagship series), more expressive and larger in presentation than previous games in the Kunio-kun franchise. The aim of the game was to exude style, with each character having their own unique moves that would accentuate their personalities. As assistant director, Rudis tried to the game's fighting mechanics as close to an Arc System Works fighting game as possible while minimizing the play controls and inputs to make the game have more in common with the Super Smash Bros. games or Dragon Ball FighterZ. Rudis also worked the game's lead animator Kay Yu to decide how each attack should look like.

A director at WayForward introduced Tierney to Shin Nekketsu Kōha: Kunio-tachi no Banka, while the game was in development and he instantly fell in love with both Kyōko and Misako, the two playable female characters in the game. WayForward wanted these two characters to take the lead role as they have already created games with strong female protagonists. During development, Tierney learned from Arc System Works that Kyōko and Misako were no longer acting as the girlfriends for the main protagonists of the franchise, Kunio and Riki. Riki had been with Mami longer than Kyōko (she was Riki's girlfriend in only two games) while Hasebe is often linked with Kunio (though she is only his love interest in Downtown Special: Kunio-kun no Jidaigeki da yo Zen'in Shūgō!. This led to discussions of creating a rivalry between the girls for the game's plot.

Most of the game's staff was new, mostly regarding the game's art, music and animation. Chipzel composed most of the boss battle music and arranged the boss theme from the original River City Ransom. Megan McDuffee composed the tracks for the stages, cinematics, menus and nearly everything else, some of these tracks include full vocal tracks. She arranged music from River City Ransom and Kunio-tachi no Banka. Nathan Sharp (NateWantsToBattle), Cristina Vee (who voices Hasebe in the game) and Dale North also worked on the soundtrack.

The manga-style cutscenes were illustrated by Priscilla Hamby while Cristina Vee directed the voice actors in each scene. WayForward VFX artist Jordan Vine animated the sequences while Kevin Samuels from WayForward's SFX department added sound effects. From the start, it was decided that the game would use pixel art to connect it to previous games in the Kunio-kun franchise.


Misako is currently in detention at River City High, accompanied by her best friend Kyōko (even though she does not attend the school, she is also on detention). While Misako is dying of boredom of Mr. Rudis' math, Kyōko receives exciting yet alarming news on her phone: a picture of Kunio and Riki, the heroes of River City High and their boyfriends, being kidnapped.

Kyōko and Misako decide to spring into action, the only thing standing in their way is the school faculty, who sics the students at them, and the school's Defense Force.


Before starting the game the player can choose from three different save files. Following that they can choose the number of players (either one or two), then the game's difficulty (Normal or Hard). The final option is to enable or disable friendly fire. The game has no online functionality. Players can then choose their characters, either Kyōko or Misako. Both characters play similarly, but each has unique moves and animations.

In most areas where combat is initiated, chains and a lock will surround the edges of the screen (referred in-game as a screenlock. At this point, similarly to Shodai Nekketsu Kōha Kunio-kun and Shin Nekketsu Kōha: Kunio-tachi no Banka, the player will be unable to leave the area until all enemies are defeated.

Defeated enemies will drop money when defeated, just like in River City Ransom. Each character has their own separate levels, experience and money balance like in River City Ransom: Underground. However, the completion of quests grant experience and money rewards to both characters, ensuring that the one that the player is not using in a single player game does not fall behind in levels or money. As bosses are defeated in the game, enemies become stronger.

If two players are playing together and one of them is knocked out and loses all of their health, it is possible for the other player to revive them by repeatedly kicking them while they are down. An angel leaving the character's body will act as a timer so that the other player can perform the revival as fast as possible. The angel gets nearer to the body as the downed character is hit.

Once introduced, Godai will have players undertake numerous side quests, and like previous beat 'em ups in the series, they will be able to enter various shops to purchase items, food and gear to learn new abilities and increase stats. There are also various NPCs that the player can interact with.

When a character gains a level, their stats increase. Similarly to River City Ransom: Underground, characters gain the ability to learn new moves with a level, but they must be purchased in Dojos. Characters will gain some moves when leveling up which do not have to be purchased in a dojo. Upon defeating the final enemy in an area, they might beg for their life. Grabbing them then pressing a certain button will allow the player to recruit them[8]. They can then be used to assist the player. The player can pick up various objects during the game and use them as weapons, but they will break apart after being used multiple times.

Some areas of the game have Sabu statues, which can be broken. Players are rewarded when all 25 of them are destroyed.

Pause Menu[]

Pause menu displaying character information and special moves.

Pressing the Start button pauses all action in the game and opens up an interactive menu using the character's phone:

  • Character: Status screen of the current character, showing their stats and the consumable items that they are carrying.
  • Map: Shows all six regions of River City and quests in progress or completed. Pressing the Light Attack button shows a map of the current area where the player is located.
  • Movelist: Displays all the available moves for the current character.
  • Accessories: Allows the player to equip two different accessories from a list that they have gathered.
  • Recruits: Shows a list of all enemies that have been recruited.
  • Settings: Shows most of the settings available from the Mode Select screen.


When enemies are defeated, they will drop money. Money can be used to purchase consumable items, which increase the character's life meter, accessories for each character with various special effects, and new moves in the dojos. If a character loses all of their health, they will be knocked out and lose half of their money. This can be avoided in a two player game if another character revives the knocked out character. Completing quests and boss fights rewards the player with money and experience which is shared by all characters.


The game's level cap is 30.

Rcg stats.jpg
  • ST (Stamina): Character's maximum health. The maximum is 39.
  • SP (Special): The meter used to perform special moves. Maxes out at 27.
  • AT (Attack): How much damage a character makes with their attacks. The maximum is 25.
  • AG (Agility): The character's moving speed when walking or running. 22 is the maximum.
  • WP (Weapon): Damage done with weapons. The maximum is 20.
  • LK (Luck): When defeated in Normal difficulty, enemies may randomly drop food items that replenish stamina. This stat, which maxes out at 15, determines this frequency.

Controls and moves[]

The game has a Light Attack button, used to perform combo attacks, and Strong Attack button, which can be used as a combo finisher or to knock down enemies (A similar system was used in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game, which was inspired on River City Ransom and other beat 'em ups). A separate button is used to jump, while the remaining face button is used to perform a Special Attack. When one of these attacks (such as Misako's Stone Hands or Kyōko's Dragon Feet) is acquired by the player, an SP Meter will appear below the character's Stamina Meter (the Life Gauge). The right trigger button is used to block and, when blocking as soon as an attack lands on the blocking character, a parry can be performed. The left trigger is used to call in Recruits when they are available.

Pressing the Light Attack while on top of a weapon allows a character to grab and use them. Pressing the Block button drops the weapon, while the Strong Attack button has the character throw them. Unlike previous River City Ransom games, characters cannot jump while they have a two handed weapon such as a box or trash can. If a character is wielding a weapon of any kind, they cannot dodge up or down, but they can still wall jump. Like in Shodai Nekketsu Kōha Kunio-kun, weapons can be used for a limited amount of time before they break.

Double tapping left or right allows the character to run in that direction, while double tapping up or down allows characters to dodge in that respective direction (similarly to Streets of Rage 3). Characters can wall jump by pressing the Jump button when in contact with a wall. When enemies are hit multiple times, they will be stunned and can be grabbed from the front or from behind. Using the Light Attack button from the front allows characters to hit the enemy multiple times, the Strong Attack button is used to throw them. From behind, the Light Attack button performs a knockdown attack.


Players can outfit their characters with up to two Accessories. Accessories can be bought in stores, some are earned from completing in-game quests and others are acquired after defeating bosses.

If the accessory needs to be purchased, each character needs to purchase them individually. Otherwise, all characters receive an accessory once awarded.

Accessory Requirement/Location Effect
Virtual Pet Swaggage, Kyōko starts with it One extra heart for Recruits.
Gym Shorts Attire Fire, Misako starts with it Refills one percent of Stamina with each enemy defeated.
Makeup Kit Defeat Misuzu Increases damage to female enemies by 5 percent.
Love Letter Defeat Yamada Increases damage to male enemies by 5 percent.
False Eyelashes Unlock Boss Fight with Hibari Refills a character's Stamina slowly as they walk around.
Frill Bra Defeat Hibari Gives the character an additional second of invulnerability after they get up from the ground.
Multitool Unlock Boss Fight with Abobo Increases weapon durability by 25 percent.
Knife Earrings Defeat Abobo Increases damage of sharp weapons by 10 percent.
Scissors Unlock Boss Fight with Noize Increases Attack by two at the cost of decreasing Agility by two.
Music Player Defeat Noize In some areas of the game, a vocal theme song will play. When the player equips this accessory while a song is playing, the damage they make increases by 10 percent.
Fake Tattoos Unlock door to final boss room This accessory allows the Special Attack Meter to fill up 5 percent faster
Hasebe Charm Defeat the final boss When equipped together with the Mami Charm, the player will face a different final boss when they enter their room.
Pepper Spray Complete a quest in River City High When equipped, the player is awarded higher bonuses for all but the last of Godai's missions.
Ribbon Bra Vest Friends With this equipped, the player's chances of getting two items from vending machines increase by 10 percent.
Heart Earrings Vest Friends Recruits make 10 percent more damage.
Eyeshadow Vest Friends Increases the chances of not being knocked down by a knockdown attack by 5 percent.
Deco Nails Vest Friends Reduces damage taken form Linnea and the other cheerleaders by 5 percent.
Bomb Bottom Wardrobe The character has a 5 percent chance of taking no damage from an attack.
Bomb Bra Wardrobe With this equipped, characters gain a 1 percent chance of defeating an enemy with a single attack.
Choker Wardrobe, Swaggage Characters make 5 percent more damage to enemies that are on the ground.
Padlock Bra Wardrobe Increases the speed of thrown weapons.
Athletic Bottom Attire Fire Refills a character's Stamina while they are carrying an enemy over their head.
Athletic Top Attire Fire Increases movement speed while lifting a heavy object.
Spiked Knuckles Attire Fire Increases the stun duration from attacks by 10 percent.
Fishnet Top Swaggage Damage done using throws increase by 5 percent.
Smart Watch Swaggage, Plaid the Impaler Increases damage to enemy students by 5 percent.
Coin Purse Plaid the Impaler Increases the chances of defeated enemies dropping double their amount of money by 5 percent.
Frilly Bottom Plaid the Impaler Characters stand up faster after being knocked down.
Garter Plaid the Impaler Increases the damage of kick attacks by 5 percent.
Mami Charm Destroy All 25 Sabu Statues When equipped together with the Hasebe Charm, the player will face a different final boss when they enter their room.
Hair Ribbon Defeat the Secret Final Boss When equipped, the angel that leaves the body of a character who is knocked out will raise at a slower speed.
Cat Pin Collect all 25 Cats in New Game+ The Special Meter remains full and does not decrease when Special Attacks are used.
Bunny Button =;3 Merlin's Mystery This allows the character to move and run at ridiculous speed.
Tank Button Merlin's Mystery The character becomes incredibly powerful, able to defeat most enemies in few hits. However, their movement speed is greatly reduced.


Most areas in the game have weapons scattered in the area, which the player is free to pick up and use at any time. Like in Shodai Nekketsu Kōha Kunio-kun, weapons can be broken if they are used multiple times. Nishimura sells books that allows characters to use weapons infinitely, but the books must remain in the character's inventory. Weapons are split into four types and Nishimura sells a book for each.

While holding a two-handed weapon, characters cannot run or jump. Weapons always have friendly fire enabled, and will hit a second player if they are tossed in their direction. Players can also be hit by their own weapons if they throw them and they are too close to them.

Weapon Type Appearance Description
Metal Chair Household Rcg chair.png Can be used to juggle enemies with a second hit.
Frying Pan Household Rcg pan.png When an enemy is hit by this weapon, they are pushed back instead of being knocked down. Throwing the weapon will knock down an enemy if it connects. The weapon lowers its trajectory in mid flight before falling on the ground.
Bench Household Rcg bench.png The heavy weapon with the longest range. It breaks easily.
Trash Can Household Rcg can.png Heavy weapon, has short range when thrown, which leaves the character wide open to attack. The character can also get hit by the trash can as well by accident.
Mop Household Rcg mop.png Can be used for juggles. When thrown, it continues flying ahead before it hits the floor, hitting enemies and piercing right past them.
Wrench Construction Rcg wrench.png Hitting an enemy with this weapon will knock them down where they stand. Has a low flying trajectory.
Shovel Construction Rcg shovel.png When thrown, it bounces off when it connects with another character, which can easily cause collateral damage.
Chain Construction Rcg chain.png A weapon that can be swung quickly, allowing for easy juggle combos.
Wooden Plank Construction Rcg wood.png When thrown, the weapon slowly flies backwards in a lower trajectory in the direction of the character who threw it, so players must be careful not to throw it in mid range combat.
Wooden Crate Construction Rcg box.png A heavy weapon, it has slightly more range than the Trash Can.
Baseball Sports Rcg baseball.png This weapon is better used as a projectile. Characters perform a fastball, which knocks down any enemies in its oncoming path. Characters can be hit by the ball if they are too close when it bounces back.
Dodge Ball Sports Rcg dodgeball.png A bigger ball than the baseball, it is thrown at a similar speed and has the same trajectory.
Baseball Bat Sports Rcg bat.png A mid range weapon similar to the Wooden Plank and Shovel. It breaks easily, but when thrown its return trajectory does not affect the player.
Magic Wand Sports Rcg wand.png When thrown, the wand continues flying forward and pierces through any enemies in its path. It drops its trajectory in mid-flight.
Boomerang Sports Rcg rang.png The player can catch a returning boomerang by pressing the block button at just the right time.
Beam Sword Toy Rcg beam.png This weapon has the longest use duration, players can use it for a long time before it breaks. When an attack connects, opponents are launched high into a wall. When they hit a wall, they bounce off from it. Players cannot juggle with this weapon.
Bicycle Toy Rcg bike.png A two-handed weapon, lasts longer than the bench.
Yo-yo Toy Rcg yoyo.png The favorite weapon of all righteous girl gangsters. It can be used for juggles. When thrown it has a flying trajectory similar to the Wooden Plank, and can fly back and hit the character.
Guitar Toy Rcg guitar.png When thrown, it acts similarly to the Mop and Wand, it flies straight and pierces through all enemies in its path. It does not drop its trajectory.
Fish Toy Rcg fish.png This peculiar weapon knocks enemies back. If they hit a wall, they will bounce off it. When thrown, the weapon continues floating awkwardly after it hits an enemy, which can cause collateral damage.


The game's world is split into six areas. Players progress through them in a linear manner, just like Shodai Nekketsu Kōha Kunio-kun and Shin Nekketsu Kōha: Kunio-tachi no Banka. Like the former game and River City Ransom, the player is free to return to previous areas, but they must complete certain battles and objectives to go to the new locations in their current area. To be able to go to the next area in the map, the player must defeat the boss of that area.

Some locations have bus stations, which allows players to easily move from one area of the map to another once they have access to them. They can be used at no cost to the player.

  • River City High School: The starting area of the game, the player starts in one of the classrooms. The school has three floors and the player can also access its roof, but not immediately. Some areas of the school are locked. The player needs to defeat Misuzu, the area's boss, to gain a key that opens locked doors inside the school.
  • Crosstown: This area begins right outside River City High. The player has access to two bus stops, five shops and one of the game's dojos. Crosstown has a huge mall, but to access it the player first needs to get the keys from its guard, Pattinson. The mall has most of the shops in the area and some of them sell accessories. Past the mall outside is a construction site, where the player can find the area's boss, Yamada.
  • Uptown: The area the player reaches past the mall from the inside, which they gain access to after defeating Yamada. Uptown has one bus stop and four shops. One of these shops is Skullmaggedon's Pawn Shop, which the player needs to access to be able to fight the area's boss, Hibari. Defeating Hibari opens up the Downtown area of the map. Uptown also has the Coin-Up Arcade, the music composed by Dale North can be heard here by standing near each arcade, and it will switch accordingly as the player moves around them.
  • Downtown: The area right after Uptown, the player can return to Crosstown immediately from here. This area has three shops and two bus stops. To proceed to Ocean Heights, the player must defeat Abobo. This area contains arranged music from River City Ransom and Kunio-tachi no Banka. The tunnel leading to Ocean Heights has Merlin's Mystery shop (the hidden shop found in Armstrong Thru-Way in River City Ransom).
  • Ocean Heights: The area past Downtown, it has three shops, one bus stop and the final dojo. One of these shops is Pop's Sauna, which the player can use to fully replenish their Stamina. To open up the game's final area, the player must defeat Noize, the area's boss. This is accomplished by learning information about her to receive VIP tickets for her concert.
  • Sanwakai Tower: The game's final area, it has one bus stop. The player has to climb the tower and reach its final floor, but they will be unable to fight the boss. First, players must gather explosives to open the boss room.


The game uses a wide range of characters from previous games in the Kunio-kun franchise, including forgotten, obscure ones. It also has guest appearances from the Double Dragon series, The Combatribes and even Sugoro Quest: Dice no Senshi Tachi, a Famicom game from Technōs Japan. There are also some original new characters, some of which appear as bosses or shopkeepers. One such character is Demetri, the shopkeeper of Plaid the Impaler in Ocean Heights. He is voiced by Cryaotic.

Playable characters[]

When the player begins the game, they have access to two playable characters: Kyōko and Misako. It is impossible to switch characters after starting the game unless the player quits. After completing the game once, the player will unlock Riki and Kunio. Though it is still not possible to switch characters during gameplay, the player can use the game's drop-in/drop-out feature to switch characters once they unlock these characters. The player that wants to switch characters quits the game, then rejoins with another character.

Like in River City Ransom: Underground, each character is unique in the way they perform their attacks and special moves, but they have the same usage (Kyōko and Misako learn the Ground Pound at level 2, they stomp the enemy with their feet, while Riki and Kunio learn the Ground Punch, they punch enemies that are on the ground). The moves are listed in the order that they are unlocked (starting from leveling up, then moves they can purchase in shops). At level 6, characters learn the ability to use downed enemies as weapons, which they can grab in the same way as the would any weapon.


Cute, cheerful and bubbly, Kyōko is Misako's friend for life and Riki's girlfriend. She is voiced by Kira Buckland.

Kyōko first debuted in Shin Nekketsu Kōha: Kunio-tachi no Banka as Riki's girlfriend, a role she also had in River City: Tokyo Rumble.

Move Name Input Special Meter? Learned From Level Required Description
Head Stomp Heavy Attack in midair No Leveling Up 3 Kyōko flips and stomps downward. This knocks enemies straight down.
Volley Save Heavy Attack while running No Leveling Up 4 A dashing heavy attack, Kyōko dives in to make the save, striking enemies and knocking them straight up.
Donkey Kick Block and Heavy Attack simultaneously No Leveling Up 5 Kyōko's back attack, she kicks behind her in a handstand.
Dab! Directional Pad Left/Right + Heavy Attack No Leveling Up 7 A fabulous shoulder tackle! Kyōko knocks enemies straight ahead with this attack. Combo-ending attack.
Dragon Feet Special Attack Yes Dojo 0 Kyōko's signature move, she throws multiple kicks and ends with a roundhouse kick, knocking enemies down.
Crescent Kick Light Attack No Dojo 0 An additional attack for Kyōko's Light Attack button combo. This becomes her third attack.
Spin Kick Directional Pad Up + Heavy Attack No Dojo 0 Kyōko performs a jumping spin kick, knocking enemies upwards away from her. Combo-ending attack.
Volleyball Set Directional Pad Down + Heavy Attack No Dojo 0 Kyōko's launcher, she performs a forearm pass and launches enemies straight upwards. Can be used to end combos.
Acro Circus Directional Pad Up + Special Attack Yes Dojo 5 A screw attack directed upwards that knocks enemies down.
Double Dropkick Special Attack while running Yes Dojo 5
Hook Kick Light Attack No Dojo 5 An additional attack for Kyōko's Light Attack button combo, becoming her fourth attack.
Cheer Drill Directional Pad Left/Right + Special Attack Yes Dojo 8 A spinning drop kick attack. Can be performed in midair by pressing the Special Attack button.
Frankensteiner Heavy Attack after grabbing stunned enemy from behind No Dojo 8 The professional wrestling throw.
Pogo Kick Special Attack after grabbing stunned enemy from the front Yes Dojo 8 A throw, Kyōko kicks the enemy to launch herself upwards, knocking them out.
Handstand Kick Directional Pad Down + Special Attack Yes Dojo 12 Kyōko does a handstand with one hand to perform a spinning kick with both legs, kicking all enemies surrounding her.
Volley Spike Heavy Attack + Special Attack near enemy in midair Yes Dojo 12 A midair grab, Kyōko grabs an enemy and throws them down, as if she was performing a volleyball spike.


Kunio's hot-blooded girlfriend, snarky, impulsive and always ready for a fight. Kayli Mills provides her voice in the game.

Misako's first appearance in the Kunio-kun franchise was in Nekketsu Kōkō Dodgeball Bu: Soccer Hen as the manager of the soccer club. She then made an appearance in Nekketsu Kōkō Soccer Bu: World Cup Hen and Kunio-kun no Nekketsu Soccer League in that same role. Shin Nekketsu Kōha: Kunio-tachi no Banka was the first game in which she appeared as Kunio's girlfriend (though she kissed Kunio in the ending of Soccer Hen).

Move Name Input Special Meter? Learned From Level Required Description
Jump Hammer Heavy Attack in midair No Leveling Up 3 Misako attacks downward with her backpack, knocking enemies down.
Rolling Punch Heavy Attack while running No Leveling Up 4 Misako performs a combat roll, then punches forward. The roll acts as a screw attack and can hit enemies as well, while the punch knocks enemies forward.
Bruce Backhand Block and Heavy Attack simultaneously No Leveling Up 5 Misako uses Kunio's Back Fist from Tachi-no Banka. This acts as her back attack.
Haymaker Directional Pad Left/Right + Heavy Attack No Leveling Up 7 Misako throws an aggressive hook while moving forward, knocking enemies down.
Stone Hands Special Attack (up to three times) Yes Dojo 0 A variant of Riki's trademark move, Misako can throw three punches while lunging forward. Each separate punch uses the Special Meter.
High Kick Light Attack No Dojo 0 An extension of Misako's Light Attack combo. This becomes her third attack.
Hop Knee Directional Pad Up + Heavy Attack No Dojo 0 A variant of the Rhino Kick, Misako makes a short hop and hits enemies with her knee, launching them upwards. Can be used to end combos.
Nutcracker Directional Pad Down + Heavy Attack No Dojo 0 Misako's "special interrogation technique", she throws a football kick to the groin, which launches enemies straight up. Combo-ending attack.
Spiral Uppercut Directional Pad Up + Special Attack Yes Dojo 5 A variant of Riki's Screw Upper, Misako performs a rising uppercut which knocks enemies down.
Backflip Kick Special Attack while running Yes Dojo 5 Misako performs a somersault kick, launching enemies straight up.
Back Fist Light Attack No Dojo 5 Another extension to Misako's Light Attack combo, becoming her fourth attack.
Dropkick Directional Pad Left/Right + Special Attack Yes Dojo 8 Misako performs a dropkick, knocking enemies forward. It can also be performed in midair by pressing the Special Attack button.
German Suplex Heavy Attack after grabbing stunned enemy from behind No Dojo 8 The suplex from Shodai Nekketsu Kōha Kunio-kun.
Stungun Special Attack after grabbing stunned enemy from the front Yes Dojo 8 Misako kicks the opponent, then performs a three-quarter facelock jawbreaker.
Backpack Swing Directional Pad Down + Special Attack Yes Dojo 12 Misako swings her backpack, "Grand Slam"-style around her, hitting multiple enemies.
Powerbomb Heavy Attack + Special Attack near enemy in midair Yes Dojo 12 A midair throw, Misako grabs an opponent in midair and slams them to the ground.


Kunio's rival, closest friend and Kyōko's boyfriend. Much calmer and stoic than Kunio, he lets his legendary stone fists do the talking. Kaiji Tang voices him in the game.

Riki's first appearance in the Kunio-kun franchise was in Nekketsu Kōha Kunio-kun, where he was the first boss of the game. He and Kunio first joined forces in Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari, and they become friends at the end of that game.

Move Name Input Special Meter? Learned From Level Required Description
Fatal Steps Heavy Attack in midair No Leveling Up 3 Midair knee attack, knocks enemies down.
Bird Kick Heavy Attack while running No Leveling Up 4 Riki throws three kicks in the air while running, the third kick will knock down enemies.
Combing Hair Block and Heavy Attack simultaneously No Leveling Up 5 Riki combs his air, striking the enemy with the comb at the same time. His back attack.
One Inch Punch Directional Pad Left/Right + Heavy Attack No Leveling Up 7 Another one of Bruce Lee's trademark techniques, knocks enemies forward. Enemies will bounce from a wall if they collide with it after being hit with this move.
Shadow Combo Special Attack Yes Dojo 0 Riki throws his comb forward, then he dashes forward. His shadow trail hits enemies multiple times.
Harder Punch Light Attack No Dojo 0 An extension of Riki's Light Attack combo. Functions as his third attack.
Stone Launcher Directional Pad Up + Heavy Attack No Dojo 0 Riki effortlessly delivers an uppercut, his hand surrounded in stone. Combo ending attack.
Cheap Shot Directional Pad Down + Heavy Attack No Dojo 0 Riki's launcher, he kicks upward after turning around.
Acro Dragon Directional Pad Up + Special Attack Yes Dojo 5 A variant of the Tornado Kick, Riki performs a spin kick, rising upwards.
Acro Flip Special Attack while running Yes Dojo 5 Riki performs a quick Acro Circus.
Sweep Kick Light Attack No Dojo 5 Becomes Riki's fourth Light Combo attack.
Half Moon Kick Directional Pad Left/Right + Special Attack Yes Dojo 8 Riki makes a short hop, then throws a kick downwards, knocking enemies down. Can be performed in midair by pressing the Special Attack button.
Acorn Breaker Heavy Attack after grabbing stunned enemy from behind No Dojo 8 The Massage Special, Riki kicks the enemy multiple times in the crotch.
Table Flip Special Attack after grabbing stunned enemy from the front Yes Dojo 8 Riki launches the enemy away from him.
Stone Hands Directional Pad Down + Special Attack Yes Dojo 12 Riki punches the ground with both hands, knocking down surrounding enemies.
Piledriver Heavy Attack + Special Attack near enemy in midair Yes Dojo 12 The all time classic, Riki also spins while doing it.


The hot-blooded tough guy with a good heart and Misako's boyfriend. He has been in multiple fights and sports competitions, which has made him an infamous hero. He is voiced by Greg Chun in the game.

Kunio is the eponymous protagonist of the Kunio-kun franchise. Although he and Misako were first seen together (and kissed) in Soccer Hen, Kunio-tachi no Banka is the first and only game in which Misako is referred as his girlfriend.

Move Name Input Special Meter? Learned From Level Required Description
Jump 180 Kick Heavy Attack in midair No Leveling Up 3 An half spinning kick that knocks enemies down.
Slide Tackle Heavy Attack while running No Leveling Up 4 A sliding kick, knocks enemies down.
Back Elbow Block and Heavy Attack simultaneously No Leveling Up 5 Kunio's back attack, he attacks with his elbow.
Eat Directional Pad Left/Right + Heavy Attack No Leveling Up 7 A "headbutt" attack, Kunio goes for a meal, knocking enemies away.
Flying Knee Special Attack (can be charged) Yes Dojo 0 A variant of the Rhino Kick and Misako's Hop Knee. The longer the move is charge, the higher they are launched.
Side Headbutt Light Attack No Dojo 0 Extends Kunio's Light Attack combo. This becomes his third attack.
Super Kick Directional Pad Up + Heavy Attack No Dojo 0 An upward kick that knocks enemies upward.
Uppercut Directional Pad Down + Heavy Attack No Dojo 0 Kunio's launcher, he kicks upwards with a jump, throwing enemies straight up.
Hot-Blooded Punch Directional Pad Up + Special Attack Yes Dojo 5 Kunio throws a Screw Upper that leaves a trail of volcanic fire, launching enemies upward. The attack hits multiple times and can also hit enemies that are on the ground, juggling them for additional damage.
Goalie Punch Special Attack while running Yes Dojo 5 A Tornado Uppercut that knocks enemies down.
Roundhouse Light Attack No Dojo 5 Extends Kunio's Light Attack combo, this becomes his fourth attack.
Sauna Towel Directional Pad Left/Right + Special Attack Yes Dojo 8 Kunio grabs enemies with a towel, then launches them upwards.
Clothesline Heavy Attack after grabbing stunned enemy from behind No Dojo 8 Kunio knocks the enemy down with a lariat.
Pavement Smooch Special Attack after grabbing stunned enemy from the front Yes Dojo 8 Kunio grabs the enemy by the head, then proceeds to smash their faces into the ground.
Hurricane Kick Directional Pad Down + Special Attack Yes Dojo 12 Kunio's Whirlwind Kick. Can be performed in midair by pressing the Special Attack button.
Air Pavement Smooch Heavy Attack + Special Attack near enemy in midair Yes Dojo 12 The Pavement Smooch, but in midair.

Supporting characters[]

During the game, the player will run into various non-playable characters, which gets them started on some of the area's quests.

  • Burnov: Burnov acts as the bouncer to Noize's concert. He will only allow Kyōko and Misako through if they can get him VIP passes.
Rcg burnov.jpg

Burnov is a guest character from the Double Dragon series. This is his first appearance in the Kunio-kun franchise.

  • Godai: A weird guy with knowledge of what's happening in River City. He follows Kyōko and Misako around the city and provides them with various quests in each area. Voiced by Sean "Jacksepticeye" McLoughlin.
Rcg godai.jpg

Godai's first appearance in the Kunio-kun franchise was in Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari, where he was an optional boss. He is one of the most popular characters in the franchise with fans and the staff, as he was the first Downtown Nekketsu character to show up in other games (Nekketsu Hockey Bu and Nekketsu! Street Basket: Ganbare Dunk Heroes).

  • Hiroshi: Kunio's best friend who is often targeted by the local gangs, this time he is not in harm's way at least. He helps Kyōko and Misako in Crosstown to get inside its mall. Voiced by Kyle McCarley.
Rcg hiroshi.jpg

Hiroshi's role in the Kunio-kun franchise differs from game to game. His first appearance in the series was in Nekketsu Kōha Kunio-kun, where he was beaten by local gangs in the arcade version or kidnapped in the Famicom version. He played similar roles in other Kunio-kun games made by Kishimoto. In the Sports Club games, Hiroshi is described as Kunio's longtime friend and is a member of the dodge ball club.

  • Kaori: An acquaintance of Kyōko and Misako who is in Uptown, waiting for Noize's concert. She helps Misako and Kyōko by providing information on Noize, which allows them to gain VIP passes to the concert.
Rcg kaori.jpg

A character named Kaori first appeared in Ike Ike! Nekketsu Hockey Bu: Subette Koronde Dairantō. She was a Nekketsu High School student and a member of its newspaper club. She watched the exploits of the Hockey club and had an interest on its captain Yōichi. Nekketsu Hockey Bu was Kaori's only appearance in the Kunio-kun franchise.

  • Mihoko: Another acquaintance of Kyōko and Misako who they rather spend no time with. Like Kaori, she has information on Noize that can help the girls receive VIP passes to Noize's concert.
Rcg mihoko.jpg

A character named Mihoko appeared in Nekketsu Kōha Kunio-kun: Bangai Rantō Hen, a sequel to Nekketsu Kōha Kunio-kun for the Game Boy. She only appeared in the game's intro, where the game's antagonist attempted to steal her away, only for Hiroshi to intervene. Mihoko made no further appearances in the Kunio-kun franchise after that.

  • Naritaka: A rough and tough kid training Downtown to become as strong as his hero, Riki. He is voiced by Nathan Sharp.
Rcg naritaka.jpg

Naritaka is one of the members of the Hanazono High School Dodge Ball Club Team in Nekketsu Kōkō Dodgeball Bu for the Famicom. The character is likely named after Naritaka Nishimura, a former Technōs Japan programmer. The character was infamous in that game for being able to perform his aerial Super Shot from the outer court. The character was ignored since, in favor of the character of the same name as the programmer who first appeared in Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari.

  • Yōko: Another acquaintance of Kyōko and Misako. Once she sees the picture of Kunio and Riki's kidnapping, she provides Kyōko and Misako with information from Hibari, as the kidnappers seem to be wearing clothes made by her.
Rcg yoko.jpg

Yōko is the captain of the Yurigaoka Girls High School's Hockey Club and the chairman of the school's Magical Club in Ike Ike! Nekketsu Hockey Bu: Subette Koronde Dairantō. Yōko's second appearance in the Kunio-kun franchise (and the first time she appeared in a game released in the West) was River City Super Sports Challenge ~All Stars Special~, were she serves as the cheerleader and manager of the Yurigaoka Girls team. Both that game and the previously released River City Super Sports Challenge featured teams from her school, but she was not playable in them.


Like in River City Ransom: Underground, the enemies in the game have their own fighting styles. There are 11 enemy types and each comes with multiple colored variations that are stronger. When the last enemy in an area is beaten to the point that he/she will be stunned, they will stop fighting and beg to be spared. The player can choose to recruit the enemy, who can be called by the player to assist with an attack.

A recruit is shown to the right of the character's Stamina, they have their own health meter in the form of hearts. Stronger variations of enemies have more hearts. If a recruit is attacked, they will stop their action and lose one heart. When a recruit loses all of their hearts, the player loses their recruit, but receives experience as if they defeated an enemy. If players recruit an enemy, they gain no money or experience from them.

Enemies will always be in a new area once a player enters them. The number of enemies in the area and what type of enemies show up is fixed, though enemies might have a different color variation. The number of enemies in an area is the same regardless of the number of players. The defeated enemies already populating an area will grant money and experience to the player.

If players decide to loiter in the same area instead of moving to a new area, more enemies will eventually spawn from the entrances and exits of an area. These enemies might be stronger variations of the enemies that the player previously defeated, or enemies that normally do not appear in that area. The player will also be attacked by a greater number of enemies. These group of enemies do not reward the player with experience and drop a small amount of money. This is to encourage players to keep moving to different areas and to increase the challenge of recruiting the stronger variations of each enemy.

  • Georgios: A lowlife miscreant who learned to fight on the streets, he can be recognized by his pompadour. When called in to assist, he uses a lunging kick that knocks enemies down and far from the player. Has five variations: Steve, Reggie and Rogers. The stronger red variation is Farrokh, whose soul and skin have been strengthened by the streets of River City. Chaim is the deadly and undead variation.
  • Reina: A girl delinquent, she performs a rising whirlwind kick when called in to assist. She has five variations: Hinata, Hannah and Ichika. Nen is the stronger red variation and is their leader. The undead variation is Vesper.
  • Seirai: A student of River City who loves to fight dirty. In his assist attack, he hurls sand at an enemy. This cannot be blocked and stuns the enemy in place. He comes in five variations: Kayden, Katsu and Malhar. The red variation is Mel, who is both their leader and also leads a school band. Grendel is the undead variation.
  • Linnea: An agile cheerleader that fights using kicks and her pom-poms. When players call her in for an assist, she uses a diving kick. Her first three variations are Chara, Ashanti and Colleen. Her red variation is Midori, the leader of cheerleaders. Rachel is the undead variation.
  • Waver: A boss character from Sugoro Quest: Dice no Senshi Tachi, a board-style video game released for the Famicom by Technōs Japan. Described as a bizarre gambler who takes high risks, Waver uses a strong wind-up punch that knocks enemies down when called in to assist. Her cousin Exie is her stronger, red variation. Chance is her third, final and undead variation.
  • Linda: The enemy character from the Double Dragon series. Linda fights using her whip, which she also uses when called by the player to assists. She whips the ground, launching enemies upward. Her two variations are Neo Linda (red) and Mecha Linda (undead).
  • Saito: A police officer on the Sanwakai's payroll. He attacks with his baton and tear gas, the latter is the attack he performs when the player calls for his assistance. Tear gas stuns the enemy in place much like Seirai's sand attack. Has five variations: Onishi, Nomura and Matsui. Fujimoto is the River City police chief and their leader, the stronger red variation. Nakamura is the undead version.
  • Dwayne: A big yet very agile masked wrestler, Dwayne attacks using heavy kicks and a improved version of the Acro Circus, which is the move he performs when the player tags him in. He has five variations: Leon, Aurelien and Szatkowski. The red variation is Oscar and the undead variation is Hellwig.
  • Trash: The third stage boss from The Combatribes. He attacks by spinning with his hammer or striking down with it. When called in to assist, he strikes from above with his hammer, knocking enemies in place. His two variations are his brother Garbage (the red variation) and the undead Scum.
  • D4-VID: A character based on Abore[9], one of the bosses from Double Dragon II: The Revenge. He is a giant robot from the future who attacks with an extending metal arm and grenades. When called in to assist the player, he attacks with his extended metal arm. He has five variations: 64-RC14, J4-M35 and CH-R15. The red variation is J3-R3MY and the final undead variation is H4-YD3N, a magically enhanced robot.
  • Fudo: The male martial artist working for Sabuko's version of the Sanwakai. He can throw fireballs, which he uses when called in to assist. They are only fought in Sanwakai Tower. He has five variations: Hisoka, Katashi and Hiromi. Sabuko's left-hand man Masaaki is the red variation and Osamu is the undead variation.
  • Akari: Sabuko's henchwomen, martial artists who use knives as weapons. When called in to assist, they throw them in midair. Has five variations: Harumi, Hideko and Maiko. The red variation is Momoe, Sabuko's right hand lady in the organization. Shinobu is the undead variation.


Each area of the game has one boss, which needs to be defeated to be able to access the next area. With the exception of the final boss, bosses can only be fought once.

  • Misuzu: A big, imposing and powerful sukeban well known and feared for her hulking presence. She has taken a part-time job on the River City High's Defense Force. She is the game's first boss, fought at the entrance of River City High and is voiced by Laila Berzins.

Misuzu's first appearance in the Kunio-kun franchise is in Nekketsu Kōha Kunio-kun, were she was the game's third and most difficult boss. She was also a boss in Shin Nekketsu Kōha: Kunio-tachi no Banka, and was an ally of Kunio in River City: Tokyo Rumble.

  • Yamada: A childhood friend of Kunio, Yamada begin to practice the dark arts after a heartbreaking incident. These dark arts appear to grant him telekinetic powers. He is the game's second boss, fought in the roof of a building currently being built in Crosstown and is voiced by Griffin Puatu.

Yamada was the final boss of Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari. In that game, the fact that he had evil powers was considered a joke and after his defeat, he became a lackey of Tōdō Mamoru, who also took his position as Student Council President of Reihō Academy (Yamada transferred to Meian High School after his defeat). Although he has access to his telekinetic art Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari EX, it is not until River City: Rival Showdown that Yamada is retroactively re-imagined as a cold-blooded and evil mastermind with dark powers, who aims to take control of Japan to rival Kunio.

  • Hibari: THE fashion designer in River City, anybody who's anybody wears or wants to wear her brand. She has a creepy look and appears to be full of herself, and requires a very particular form of payment for her services. She is a new character in the Kunio-kun franchise and is voiced by Mary Josephine Hanson. She is the game's third boss, located in Uptown.
  • Abobo: A massive brute who has been causing trouble for years, known to kidnap people for money but takes on other odd jobs to make ends meet, including security and appearing in educational videos shown around local high schools. He acts the game's fourth boss, fought in Downtown. Patrick Seitz provides his voice in the game.

Abobo is a guest character from the Double Dragon series, he has made multiple cameos in the Kunio-kun franchise since River City: Tokyo Rumble. The character later appeared in River City Ransom: Underground, another game in which Bannon Rudis previously worked on. The character Mordov from Dodgeball Bu was originally named Abobo while being designed.

  • Noize: A street tough rock star revisiting River City for a one-night-only concert in Ocean Heights. She was a friend of Kyōko named Nozomi, the two went to the same elementary school. However, Kyōko was only in the school for a month before she was expelled from the school for stealing basketball hoops, something that Noize was unaware of. She is the game's fifth boss, fought in Ocean Heights. She is a new character voiced by Erika Harlacher. Megan McDuffee provides Noize's singing voice.

Although there are many characters named Nozomi in the Kunio-kun franchise, Noize is a completely new character.

  • Sabuko: Sabu's daughter, who is leading the Sanwakai in his absence. Unlike Sabu, who uses a firearm, Sabuko is a martial artist who fights using a katana and elemental ki attacks using various stances. Sabuko is a new character in the Kunio-kun franchise, the game's final boss and is voiced by Xanthe Huynh.
  • Hasebe & Mami: The cooler, more popular and stylish rivals to Misako and Kyōko, Hasebe was a classmate of both Kunio and Yamada and is friends with Mami, who is acquainted with Riki. According to Misako and Kyōko, Hasebe and Mami believe that they are dating Kunio and Riki. Hasebe is voiced by Cristina Valenzuela and Mami is voiced by Sarah Williams.

Hasebe and Mami debuted together in the Kunio-kun franchise in Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari. Hasebe was the heroine of the game and of the Downtown Nekketsu series, while Mami was the damsel-in-distress and the girlfriend of Riki, kidnapped by the Double Dragon brothers. Both Hasebe and Mami went to the same middle school as Kunio and Yamada.

Hasebe acted as a love interest and damsel-in-distress in Downtown Special: Kunio-kun no Jidaigeki, she played the role of Okoto and was kidnapped much like Mami. River City Girls is the first and only game in the franchise were Hasebe shows feelings for Kunio (and he reciprocates in kind). Mami, although a sophomore student like Kyōko, is Riki's second girlfriend. She debuted first (1989, Kyōko debuted in 1994), but Kunio is a sophomore when Riki is dating Kyōko, while he is a senior when Riki is dating Mami.


Many characters from past franchises of Technōs Japan, including the Kunio-kun and Double Dragon franchise and The Combatribes video game, have cameos in the game. Some characters are involved in the game's plot, handling quests to Kyōko and Misako, while others are shopkeepers or store clerks.

Nekketsu Kōha Kunio-kun[]

  • Shinji is the store clerk of Attire Fire in Uptown. He is voiced by Ross O'Donovan.
  • Kumiko, voiced by Anna Brisbin, runs Pop's Sauna in Ocean Heights.
  • Kenji from Super Dodge Ball for the Neo Geo gives a quest to Kyōko and Misako in Downtown, which is required to progress through the game.

Nekketsu Kōkō Dodgeball Bu[]

Downtown Nekketsu[]

  • Reika runs Vest Friends in the Crosstown Mall and is voiced by Victoria Holden.
  • Onizuka is in Downtown as the clerk for Pay Lots.
  • Nishimura is voiced by SungWon Cho. He runs Book Bistro in Downtown.
  • Momozono runs Cream Dream in Crosstown.
  • Todo (also Downtown's Mayor) staffs Merv Burger in Crosstown.
  • Aihara (in her role of Omon from Downtown Special: Kunio-kun no Jidaigeki) is in Ocean Heights as the host for Chic Buffet.
  • Saori (Gōda's sister) runs Amy's Candy in Crosstown Mall.
  • During one of Godai's quest in Downtown, the player will find Benny and Clyde.

Double Dragon[]

  • Jimmy Lee (voiced by Arin Hanson) and Billy Lee (voiced by Dan Avidan) run a dojo in Crosstown and Ocean Heights, respectively.
  • Marian has a store Downtown, Swaggage.
  • Kodani is in charge of Boy Toys in Downtown.
  • Skullmageddon runs the Pawn Shop in Uptown, which Kyōko and Misako need to visit to progress through the game. Sean Velasco reprises his voice role for the character.

The Combatribes[]

  • Bullova is in the Crosstown Mall and acts as the shopkeeper for Wardrobe.
  • Martha Splatterhead runs Lucky Penne in Ocean Heights. She is voiced by Erika Ishii.

Codes, secrets and bugs[]

Unlocking Kunio and Riki[]

Completing the game once will unlock Kunio and Riki in the save file in which the game was completed. Kunio and Riki start the game at Level 1 and have no accessories or money.

Maxed Stamina Bug[]

Stamina maxes out at 39, however on the Pause Menu, the meter will not increase to full.

Book Bistro Item Bug[]

To use weapons infinitely without having them break, characters need to have the books from Book Bistro in their inventory (these are sold by Nishimura in Downtown). However, due to a bug, Kyōko, Kunio and Riki do not benefit from this effect. To fix this, the items must be in Misako's inventory. She is the only character who benefits from the items and having them in her inventory also grants the bonus to the others, but they must also have the items in their inventory.

Regional differences[]

Although the game only has English voice acting, the Japanese script makes changes to some scenes:

  • Instead of being in detention, Misako and Kyōko are taking supplementary lessons before the game begins, since detention is not actually practiced in Japanese schools.
  • Mr. Rudis, the math teacher in the first cutscene (named after Bannon Rudis), is named Mr. Kawakami. Kawakami was the coach of the Nekketsu High School Baseball Team in Downtown Nekketsu Baseball Monogatari: Yakyū de Shōbu da! Kunio-kun. He was a math teacher and was selected as coach for the team for this reason, even though he knew very little of the sport itself.
  • The ending of the game reveals that Kyōko and Misako are not actually dating Riki and Kunio, the boys are not on friendly terms with the girls and are instead dating Mami and Hasebe. They leave to spend time with their girlfriends while ignoring the former pair of girls, angering them. The Japanese script changes the dialogue in the ending, making Riki and Kunio refer to the latter pair's bodies which angers Kyōko and Misako. The new secret ending as of version 1.1 unites both regions with Riki and Kunio offering to take Kyōko and Misako out on a date while apparently having no recollection of Mami and Hasebe instead.


  • River City Girls is the first game in the franchise in which Hasebe, Mami, Misako and Kyōko interact with one another. The first time all four characters appeared together in a game was River City Super Sports Challenge ~All Stars Special~. They also appear together in River City Melee: Battle Royal Special, but they never cross paths in the storyline. Hasebe and Misako appeared together in Kunio no Oden, but the two did not interact in that game either.
  • The brick wall background in the mode select screen has graffiti that reads "Crash 'n the Boys" as reference to one of the localized Kunio games, but said writing is partially hidden by Misako's razz face and the selection items.
  • Dwayne and the rest of the masked tiger wrestlers that appear as enemies in the game are based on Toraichi and Toraji, the Tiger Brothers and final bosses of Nekketsu Kakutō Densetsu[10].
  • Even though he is Downtown's Mayor, Tōdō also happens to act as a clerk for Merv Burgers (likely pretending to be one of their staff, as one of his plans to defeat Kunio through underhanded means).
  • The shopkeeper in Downtown's Cart Mart is run by James Montagna and Tomm Mullet (aka Kawaii James and Tomm), one of the staff from WayForward Technologies.
  • The clerk in Discount Sushi is Almaz Gold, a new character. He is originally supposed to be one of the bosses before he was reduced to an NPC role.
  • The shopkeeper in Crosstown's Fasteez is Assistant Director, Bannon Rudis himself.
  • There are a total of 10 unique pedestrians found in River City.
    • Three are found in Downtown; one next to Cart Mart, the other (Kay's OC) is near the Robot Store, and the last is outside Attire Fire.
    • Three are found in Crosstown; two of them are located outside the house where Godai is first met (the two are Ross and Arin, both members of Game Grumps), and the other, outside of Cream Dream as one of her customers
    • Four are in Ocean Heights; two are found at the starting area (playing with a cat), one is found at the beach near the shack, and the other is riding a roller coaster in the Amusement Park.
  • One of the generic (non delinquent) students has a very tall hairstyle, he is found at River City High's rooftop, and later as one of Noize's fans lining up for her concert outside the Yacht.
  • As noted above the Regional dfferences this marks the second time Mr. Kawakami makes a second appearance in this game, 26 years after the release of Downtown Nekketsu Baseball Monogatari: Yakyū de Shōbu da! Kunio-kun.
    • Coincidentally, Mr. Rudis bears a striking resemblance to Mr. Kawakami (hence his name change in the Japanese version).
  • Originally Sugata was supposed to make an appearance in this game, however the team behind it was unable to use him, as a result Naritaka was created as a homage to him. Thus explaining why the two are similar in personality (the difference being the person that they admire).
    • Also he is the only NPC to face away from the player whenever they approach him from the front. A nod to Baseball Nekketsu's ending where Sugata does the same to Momozono.

Two unused shopkeepers; Gōda (left) and Raphael (right).

  • In response to criticism of the original game's twist ending, version 1.1 adds a new secret ending where Kunio and Riki recognize Misako and Kyōko as their girlfriends and offer to take them on a date. Certain controls and glitches were also altered.
  • Located in the files reveals that there are two unused shopkeepers, Gōda and Raphael, the former would run a Gym (going by his towel) while the latter would run a clothing store.
    • It is possible that these two are supposed to run Crosstown's Dojo, and Downtown's Swaggage respectively (as according to WayForward's debut announcement they're going to feature classic characters from River City) before introducing more characters from Double Dragon, thus Gōda and Raphael were replaced by Jimmy Lee and Marian respectively later during development.
  • When healing items (or services like the sauna) are consumed, the character who uses them always makes a unique chewing sound, regardless if the item used was food, drink, medicine or a trinket. This serves as an homage to Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari, in which Kunio and Riki are visually depicted to consume items in one gulp when inside a shop, including plates, glasses, and other containers that had the item in question.



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