Noize is a boss in River City Girls. She is a famous musician and former friend of Kyoko.


River City GirlsEdit

Noize's debut appearance in the Kunio-kun franchise. She is one of the bosses which Kyoko and Misako have to face in order to "save their boyfriends".

It's revealed that in the past she was known as "Nozomi" a shy and quiet child that couldn't get along with the others. Kyoko became her friend, and while the former insisted that they were best friends, the two soon became estranged with one another because Kyoko got expelled from school for stealing basketball hoops. Nozomi was completely unaware of this, and held a long standing notion that Kyoko betrayed her.

After their confrontation, Noize compliments them on being "metal" and gives them a final lead on a possible location where their boyfriends could have been taken to: The Sanwakai Building.


  • One of Noize's attacks involve a string of colored notes which the player has to keep avoiding until the song ends. This is a characteristic interface of many music games, especially Guitar Hero.
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