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Nekketsu Kōha Kunio-kun is a live-action TV series based on the Kunio-kun universe that was broadcast on NOTTV in 2013.


The plot revolves around Kunio, who after being transferred to Nekketsu High School ends up taking a white gakuran (school uniform) belonging to "the tough guys".


The series has a total of 17 chapters, each lasting approximately 40 to 50 minutes.

Image Name Synopsis Plot
Kunio Appears Kunio goes to his first day at Nekketsu High School. It starts with Kunio eating in a restaurant, but when he was going to pay the bill he dropped a coin. It begins to roll through the city while Kunio chased her.

On the other hand, two girls, including Misako talk. Until Kunio stumbles over Misako, accidentally removing her skirt. Angry, Misako slaps Kunio, letting him fall from the bridge they were walking on.

Kunio, wet and without clothes, enters Nekketsu High School. Upon entering, he runs into a peculiar white gakuran in a display case and decides to put it on, making Tadokoro angry, who repeatedly warned him not to put it on, starting a fight in which Kunio manages to beat Tadokoro and his companions. At the same time, banchos from all over Japan are searching for the subject who has put on the gakuran to challenge him to combat. It turns out that that gakuran belonged to "the tough guys".

Misuzu & The Shadowy Organization
Nekketsu Dodgeball
Nekketsu Soccer
Sabu ・Struggle to Death
Game of Death
It All on the Court! Hot Blooded Street Basketball
Location of the Fist - Legend of the Iron Plated Case
Misuzu's Treason! What Color Is Your Blood?!
Fist of Kunio, Fist of Misako - Guardian of Kanto
Burning Shopping Street! Before the Hot Blooded Athletic Meet
Love of Street Fighting! Hot Blooded Athletic Meet
Eternal White Uniform... memories forever



Main characters[]

Image Character Actor Description
Kunio LA1.png
Kunio LA2.png
Kunio Takurō Ōno
Hiroshi LA1.png
Hiroshi Kōsuke Hatakeyama
Riki LA.png
Riki Yukihiro Takiguchi
Misako LA.png
Misako Kaho Takashima
Tadokoro Donpei Tsuchihira

Other characters[]

Image Character Actor Description
Misuzu LA.png Misuzu
Amamiya.png Amamiya
Sabu - Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun (live-action).png Sabu