Kyoko (京子) is a fictional character in Kunio-kun series. Her first playable appearance was in Shin Nekketsu Kōha: Kunio-tachi no Banka, where she was one of the 4 main characters, along with Kunio, Riki and Misako. Like Mami, she's confirmed to be [or to have been] Riki's girlfriend, at least during the events of Tachi no Banka.


Banka kyoko

She wore an uniform similar to Misako's, albeit with a blue blazer and a red plaid skirt. The most distinguishable part of her appearance is her blonde hair tied in a high ponytail

As Misako's counterpart in Tachi no Banka, Kyoko had a calmer yet equally hot-blooded behavior.


Not much is known from her background, except that she's Riki's girlfriend, fact from which it can be deducted that she's also from Hanazono High, which is where you first meet her in the game after which she becomes the 4th and final playable character in the party.


  • After Tachi no Banka, Kyoko had a long absence from the Kunio-Kun franchise. She finally appeared again in River City: Tokyo Rumble, though not as a playable character, and subsequently returned to a playable role as a member of Misuzu's team in River City Super Sports Challenge: All Stars Special, as well as its combat-centered spinoff, River City Melee: Battle Royal Special.
  • One of Kyoko's specials is similar to Chun Li's Hyakuretsukyaku (百裂脚? "Hundred Rending Legs") technique.
  • Along Misako, Kyoko's attack when enemies are down is a stomping kick. This draws a parallel with Riki and Kunio whom instead get atop of the opponent and start punching them in the face.
  • Her name has three different variations: Kyōko or Kyoko or Kyouko (きょうこ, キョウコ, 京子). Depending on the kanji with which is written, the name can have different meanings. In her case, it means City Girl or Girl from the Capital.