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Kunio (くにお?) is one of the two main protagonists of his eponymous franchise. He serves as the famous guardian of Nekketsu High School against rival schools and is the captain of the school's dodgeball team. A righteous delinquent with a strong personality, he has a heart of gold and cannot abandon those who are in trouble. He has a weakness for pretty girls, which often leads to heartbreak.

Although he is the captain of the dodgeball club, he excels at other sports and participates in many of the other sports clubs at his school as an assistant, where he displays ace-class skills that exceed the capabilities of regular club members.

Kunio's best friend and rival is Riki, the banchō of Hanazono High School. After joining forces in Downtown Nekketsu Story, the two are always seen working together as allies against a common threat, but they continue their rivalry in multiple sports competitions.

In the live-action series, he was given the full name of Kunio Fu'unji (風雲児 くにお Fu'unji Kunio?).


Nekketsu Renegade Kunio-kun[]

Kuniokun nekketsu

Kunio being congratulated by Hiroshi and other Nekketsu High School students.

Kunio debuts in Nekketsu Renegade Kunio-kun as a second year transfer student at Nekketsu High School where he avenges his beaten friend Hiroshi. He defeats Hanazono High School students and their banchō Riki at the Shinjuku Station, then he faces off against "Yokohama Funky" bōsōzoku gang and their leader, Shinji the Blue Emperor. Afterwards, he fights a girl gang from Taiyō Academy and their sukeban, Misuzu. Finally, he faces Sabu, the leader of the Sanwakai crime organization. In the Famicom version of the game, Hiroshi is instead kidnapped by Sabu and Kunio heads out to rescue him.

In the localization Renegade, Kunio is replaced by a nameless vigilante who fights against street gangs in order to rescue his girlfriend. In the NES version of the game, the nameless vigilante is given the name of Mr. K and instead happens to get himself into trouble by being in the wrong part of town at the wrong time.

Nekketsu High School Dodgeball Club[]

Nkdodge paper

Kunio and Nekketsu High School selected to represent Team Japan.

Kunio appears as the captain of Nekketsu High School's team and later the captain of Japan's team. Kunio joins his school's dodgeball club in order to represent the Japanese team in a world competition, though him and his team are required to defeat Hanazono High School's team lead by Riki first. According to Yoshihisa Kishimoto, Kōji was the one who invited Kunio to the dodgeball club, though his other reason for joining was that he rarely had any opponents to face after defeating Riki and Sabu. To resolve his lack of exercise, he'd join the dodgeball club.[2]

In the localization Super Dodge Ball, Kunio was replaced by an unnamed captain of a dodgeball team representing Dallas that'd later represent the American team in the competition after defeating Chicago's team. In the NES version of the game, Nekketsu High School's team is replaced by the USA team with Kunio being renamed to Sam Powers.

Downtown Nekketsu Story[]

Kunio appears alongside Riki as the main protagonists. They are identical in gameplay and are only distinguishable by their appearance. This was done to make the game similar to Double Dragon.

Months after the events of Nekketsu Renegade Kunio-kun, Kunio has gained a level of notoriety and is now in his third year at Nekketsu High School. Several months later, students at Reihō Academy would begin taking control of neighboring high schools by defeating their strongest delinquents. Riki's girlfriend Mami Shimada would be kidnapped and is being held at Reihō with Riki receiving a letter challenging him. Riki runs out enraged but is reunited with Kunio who initially planned on going to the school to meet an old friend. Kunio would decide to team up with Riki and head towards the school together.

Dnm yamadakun

Kunio confronts Yamada on the roof of Reihō Academy.

Kunio would meet his middle school classmate Kazumi Hasebe at Treasure River and be informed that Ryūichi and Ryūji Hattori were the ones responsible for Mami's kidnapping and is warned about their strength. Kunio and Riki manage to fight their way across the city to Reihō Academy, defeating the students of the many high schools under Reihō's control that try to stop them. They defeat Ryūichi and Ryūji and successfully rescue Mami. However, it's revealed that the true mastermind behind the whole thing is Kunio's former classmate, Taiki Yamada. The two manage to defeat Yamada and break Reihō Academy's hold over the other schools.

In the localizations River City Ransom and Street Gangs, Kunio was renamed to Alex, a student at River City High School. In the US version of the game, Kunio and Riki's portraits are able to be seen on a secret screen by holding Left on a second controller and pressing Select + Right on the first controller while on the Status screen.

Nekketsu High School Dodgeball Club – Soccer Story[]

Nksoccer ending

Kunio, Genei and the dodgeball club awaiting Misako's reward.

Kunio appears as the captain of Nekketsu High School's team in Masa's absence.

While training for an upcoming national tournament, the school's soccer team would nearly all receive food poisoning and be hospitalized. The team's manager Misako would introduce herself to Kunio and explain her situation before asking him if his dodgeball team could help fill in for the missing soccer players. Feeling that the request is very sudden, Kunio would decide to round up his team before making a decision. Feeling bad for Misako, Kunio is then seen arguing during the meeting on why they should help the soccer team out, though the rest of the team is uninterested. Misako then convinces everyone by offering a kiss on the cheek if they win. During the ending of the game, Misako gives a kiss on the cheek to each player though decides to kiss Kunio on the lips which causes him to blush and float up into the air.

In the localization Nintendo World Cup, a character named Kunio with the same appearance appears as the captain of Japan's team. He only shares the same appearance as Kunio when the team is controlled by CPU.

Downtown Nekketsu March Super-Awesome Field Day![]

Kunio appears as the captain of Nekketsu High School's team. He is the strongest and fastest character on the team. In the Battle Royal minigame, he will have access to the Mach Kick. This game would be the first one to establish the Mach Kick as one of his signature moves.

Following the events of Downtown Nekketsu Story, Kunio accepts the athletic meet challenge presented by the Reihō Academy Student Council President Mamoru Tōdō. Kunio would enlist sophomore student Sanjūrō Sugata to recruit members for the athletic meet. During the ending of the game, Tōdō would blurt out his resentment towards Kunio upon announcing his closing ceremony. Kunio overhears this and begins to give chase to Tōdō and Yamada, who was also present.

Nekketsu Kōha Kunio-kun: Bangai Rantō Hen[]

Kunio and Riki appear as the main protagonists. They are identical in gameplay and are only distinguishable by their appearance.

Kuniobrh ending

Kunio and Riki force Yūji Munakata to apologize to Hiroshi.

Hiroshi is beaten up by Yūji Munakata and cronies in his employ after the former attempts to stop him from taking a fellow Nekketsu High School classmate Mihoko by force. Angry that Hiroshi was beaten so badly, Kunio decides to find Yūji and force him to apologize. Riki joins Kunio a second time since Yūji has been using force to take control of other schools with Hanazono High School being one of them. Kunio and Riki eventually reach Yūji and beat him in a fight, then drag him to the hospital to apologize to Hiroshi.

In the localization Double Dragon II, Kunio is replaced by Billy Lee.

Downtown Special Kunio-kun's Historical Period Drama![]

Jidaigeki nes kunimasa

Kunio in the role of Kunimasa.

Kunio plays the role of Kunimasa, the main protagonist of the story. He is playable at all times and is given the Mach Kick by default.

Kunimasa travels with Tsurumatsu to go see Bunzō to repay him for his prior act of kindness, though upon arriving at Bunzō's house Kunimasa finds Bunzō's daughter Okoto and meets her stuck-up fiancé Asajirō. He lets Kunimasa know that Bunzō is waiting for him inside. After seeing Bunzō's ill state and being told that it was likely Torazō's doing, Kunimasa sets off to save his family. Upon defeating a clan leader, Sankichi will find Kunimasa and inform him that Okoto has been kidnapped by two men. Kunimasa then vows to rescue her. Later in the game after the defeat of Tatsuichi and Tatsuji, Okoto meets up with Kunimasa and explains that she was actually kidnapped by Asajirō. Kunimasa tells her to head back to Bunzō's house as everyone was worried about her.

Following the defeat of Asajirō, Kunimasa is asked by Bunzō to marry his daughter and succeed him. If accepted, Bunzō will be delighted and request some sake to be brought out to celebrate. If Kunimasa refuses, he will state that he's an aimless wanderer and believes that Okoto deserves a proper husband. Bunzō will then ask Kunimasa to visit him the next time he returns to Suruga, in which he gladly accepts the offer before leaving. Shortly after, Okoto will chase after Kunimasa to give him a kiss.

Nekketsu Kōkō Dodgeball Bu: Kyōteki! Dodge Soldier no Maki[]

Go-Go! Nekketsu Hockey Club Slip-and-Slide Madness[]

Kunio appears as the captain of Nekketsu High School's dodgeball team and later as the captain of the school's hockey club in gameplay. Kunio is able to use the Nuts Shot as his super shot.

Kunio Hockey SC

Kunio agreeing to take Nekketsu High School's hockey team under his wing.

While practicing dodgeball with Shinichi, Kunio accidentally strikes Yōichi with the ball and recognizes him as the captain of the hockey club. Learning from him that the hockey club will be disbanded if they lose an upcoming game against Shirogane High School, Kunio agrees to help Yōichi out by playing an exhibition game between the dodgeball and hockey club. The hockey club plays poorly and are defeated, which causes the dejected Yōichi to proclaim that they simply cannot win. An angry Kunio knocks him out, but Kaori of the newspaper club appeals to Kunio, in which he then agrees to take the hockey club under his wing. Throughout the game, Kunio enlists the help of his friends within Nekketsu High School and the other schools to get the hockey club ready for the game against Shirogane.

Before the game against Shirogane High School, Yōichi begins to feel nervous about taking them on, though Kunio knocks him down to the ground and calls him a coward. As the team gets ready to leave, Kunio asks Yōichi if he's ready, to which he states that he's still feeling nervous. The rest of the team then encourages him to push forward. Upon winning against Shirogane, Yōichi reveals to Kunio that the team now needs to win the nationals or the club will be shutdown. Kunio believes that they just need to continue winning, though Yōichi believes that to be an impossible task. Kunio gets ready to punch Yōichi again, though he holds back and instead shouts at him to quit his whining and just follow his lead. Upon winning against Daisetsuzan High School in the final game, Kunio and Yōichi take their jerseys off in celebration and then go to pose for a group photo being taken by Kaori. Kunio and the rest of the hockey team will then appear in a collage of photos taken for Kaori's photo album.

Surprise! Nekketsu New Records! The Distant Gold Medal[]

Kunio appears as the captain of Nekketsu High School's team. He is once again the strongest and fastest character on the team.

Following the events of Super-Awesome Field Day, Tōdō begins to think of an even harder challenge to defeat the other schools once and for all. By supposedly tricking his father Kōnosuke Tōdō into believing that Kunio was bullying him everyday, Mamoru would get a colosseum built and a team from Oklahoma flown out to further ensure his victory. Despite all of the handicaps placed on the other participating teams, Nekketsu High School successfully wins the competition once again. During the ending of the game, Kunio heads to Kōnosuke's office to meet him. Kōnosuke expresses how he was interested in meeting Kunio and compliments his looks. He then apologizes to Kunio for his son's actions and explains his true reasons for helping him fund the tournament, though Kunio lets Kōnosuke know that he isn't mad about the whole ordeal and wishes him luck on his business ventures before leaving.

Kunio Surprise Nekketsu SC

Kunio getting angry with Mamoru Tōdō at the airport.

Kunio then arrives as the airport right after the Oklahomans left and is disappointed that he was unable to say goodbye. Mamoru is surprised that Kunio came all the way out to the airport and admits that he's been misunderstanding who Kunio really is. Yamada arrives shortly after with the bouquet Mamoru gifted Raphael and mentions that he found it in the trash can. This reignites Mamoru's hatred towards Kunio as he blames everything on him and retracts his apology. Kunio angrily points out how non-sensical Mamoru is acting and asks if he's plotting something again. Mamoru then demands Yamada to attack Kunio, though he instead runs away in fear. Wanting to settle things once and for all, Kunio gives chase to Mamoru and Yamada. It would be established that Kunio befriended Johnny and Raphael after the tournament.

In the localization Crash 'n' the Boys: Street Challenge, Kunio is renamed to Jeff "Crash" Cooney.

Shodai Nekketsu Kōha Kunio-kun[]

Kunio appears as the main protagonist of the story. He is controlled by the first player.

Kunio Shodai SC 1

Kunio rescuing Hiroshi in a parking garage.

Kunio and other Nekketsu High School students take a class trip to Osaka. Upon arriving the group decides to all go to Umeda, though Kunio chooses to head to the hotel as he's tired. When playing with a second player, Kunio will meet Riki on the way to the hotel as he explains that Hanazono High School is also on a school trip and is coincidentally staying at the same hotel. Outside of the hotel Kunio is mistaken for being a Sakuramiya High School student and is attacked by a group of thugs. The group decides to retreat in the middle of the fight and Kunio continues heading to his hotel room. Kunio is eventually woken up by Kōji and Genei as they inform him that Hiroshi is currently being beaten up in the parking garage. After rescuing Hiroshi and heading back to their room, Hiroshi asks Kunio if he'd like to hangout on the following day, to which Kunio accepts the offer. Kōji, Masa and Genei then mention that Hiroshi has a date and that bringing Kunio along would be a bad idea as he may just steal his girl, though Kunio wakes up and angrily asks if they got anything they wanted to say to his face which causes them all to stop. In the morning, Hiroshi wakes up Kunio and mentions that he's been writing letters to a girl and that he promised he'd meet her at the Umeda station. While waiting for Hiroshi to return from using the bathroom at the station, Kunio spots Miho Yanagisawa run by in a panic seeking for somebody's help and decides to step in to clear out the thugs chasing after her. Upon clearing the enemies, Miho introduces himself to Kunio with Hiroshi returning immediately after. After realizing Miho was the girl Hiroshi was talking to, she explains who the Osaka Union is and that she's forming the Osaka Alliance to fight back against them. Hiroshi has mentioned Kunio in a letter to her as being someone who's never lost a fight, so Miho asks Kunio to lend them his strength. Kunio agrees to help with Miho thanking him, though she asks them to head back to the hotel before leaving as she feels guilty for getting Kunio involved.

Kunio Shodai SC 2

Kunio grabbed by Nakazaki as Hiroshi is beaten up.

Outside of the hotel, Kunio is grabbed from behind by Nakazaki to prevent him from fighting back as Hokuto's lackeys beat up Hiroshi. When police sirens begin to be heard, Hokuto and her lackeys flee the scene. After Hiroshi is sent to the hospital, Kunio asks if anyone has heard from Yoshihiro, in which Genei mentions that he's been feeling upset that he was unable to help Hiroshi. Kunio begins to think about his next move, though Miho arrives looking for Kunio after hearing about what happened. The two then explain who the Union is and how Hiroshi got involved with them before Kunio tells Miho that he doesn't wish to get his friends involved in the situation. Kōji, Masa and Genei all convince Kunio to get revenge for Hiroshi and assures that they'll be fine. Kunio asks Miho on what they should do next, to which Miho states that the Alliance will be having a meeting in Shinsaibashi but need to clear out the Union members blocking the path. Kunio will later return to the hotel to let Miho know the Union members in the area have been cleared out, in which she informs Kunio that the meeting will be taking place on the Shinsaibashi Bridge before leaving. Yoshihiro overhears the conversation and asks Kunio for the meeting's location as he claims he wishes to get revenge for Hiroshi as well. Kunio initially appears hesitant to respond, though eventually gives out the location. During the meeting, Kunio is introduced to the rest of the Alliance and is told of their plan to coordinate attacks against the Union across various locations. Kunio is then instructed by Saori to head out with Miho and take on Hokuto in Umeda's sewers. Ōmi states that they'll need a key in order to get inside, though Yoshihiro mentions that he coincidentally found the key while in Umeda and hands it to Kunio. After the other Alliance members have left, Kunio asks Miho to wait at the hotel as he doesn't wish for her to get in any fights. Before she leaves, Miho hands Kunio a Sakura Lining and explains that it used to belong to her older brother Masaki Yanagisawa. She explains to him that Masaki is one of the four leaders in the Union and the story of how the Union formed. Kunio asks how things turned out the way they did, to which Miho reveals that the Union's founder has recently went missing and the new head of the Union is on a power trip trying to bring all of Okaka under their control. She then apologizes to Kunio for rambling and heads back to the hotel.

Shodai Urabe SC

Kunio witnessing Urabe's betrayal and kidnapping of Miho Yanagisawa.

Upon defeating Hokuto in the sewers, Kunio notices Urabe pop out of the door before running back into the room he was in. Kunio confronts Urabe thinking he's an enemy, though assures he's not a Union member after being continually asked if he is one. Urabe then introduces himself as a member of the Alliance and states that he was sent by Izawa to search the sewers between Shinsaibashi and Namba but was captured by the Union. Kunio then meets back up at the Shinsaibashi Bridge with Miho and Urabe where the latter is properly introduced to Kunio. Urabe asks Kunio where he's currently staying at, to which Kunio responds saying he's at Hotel Osaka, though questions why he's asking. Before getting an answer, Saori and Ōmi return in a panic and informs the group that their strategy has been leaked which lead to an ambush from the Union occurring in Namba. Ōmi then suggests that Izawa and Yoshihiro are likely being held captive by the Union. The Alliance then agree on all heading to Namba to get more information. An officer then arrives at the bridge which leads to Saori and Ōmi staying back to let Kunio, Miho and Urabe run away. Urabe scouts the area and deduces that moving through the sewers will be their only option as the police are holding down all of the other routes. Upon reaching the locked door in the sewers, Urabe will ask Miho for help on unlocking the door and then grab ahold of her as he lets some Union members pass through. Urabe then reveals that he's the second in command in Namba and that he's now apart of the Union before he leaves with Miho. After reaching the surface of Namba, Kunio confronts Urabe before facing off against Wada. Afterwards, Kunio rescues Izawa, Saori and Ōmi in the Namba Station's sewers and promises to inform the group of what happened after they escape. Later in Shinsaibashi, Kunio breaks the news that Miho was captured by the Union and that Urabe was a spy for them stating that he had a feeling that was the case. Saori asks where Miho was taken, though Kunio replies stating he's unsure which angers Izawa and leads him to attack Kunio until he is calmed down by Ōmi. Saori then suggests that Masaki may know about something about what's going on and informs Kunio that he rules over Ebisuchō. The rest of the Alliance feels reluctant in going through with the idea as they believe he'd have no interest in wanting to work with them, though Kunio states that he'll be going to Ebisuchō regardless. Yoshihiro later finds Kunio and tells him that he's managed to escape from the Union. Kunio questions what he plans on doing next, in which Yoshihiro claims that he's worried about the Nekketsu High School students and plans on returning back to the hotel.

Masaki Shodai SC

Kunio informing Masaki Yanagisawa of his sister's kidnapping.

Kunio later finds Masaki's crew in Ebisuchō's arcade and demands that he sees Masaki. His lackeys initially perceive this as a threat, though Kunio hands them a letter from Izawa that's meant to inform Masaki of Miho's kidnapping and request his help. Kunio asks for Masaki's location once again and is told that he's likely in Koshien. Kunio confronts Masaki at the Tiger Archives in Koshien and hands him the letter. Masaki grabs Kunio by the neck after reading the letter as he's unaware of who he is, though Kunio introduces himself and explains that he's working with the Alliance. He then listens to Masaki explain the Union's origins and how he dislikes what it became before asking Masaki why he chooses to still be apart of the Union. Masaki responds saying that his friends will be in danger if he defies the new leader which Kunio then mentions that Miho said the exact same thing. Feeling motivated, Masaki asks Kunio to leave Miho to him and hands him a bike key before leaving. Shortly after Masaki leaves, Kunio walks outside to the sight of some Union members waiting to attack him. The group believes that Masaki is going to get hospitalized with Yasuyuki also suggesting that Yoshihiro is likely already beating up the Nekketsu High School students at the hotel. Kunio questions why Yoshihiro would do such a thing, to which Yasuyuki reveals that Yoshihiro is the second leader of the Union and is aiming to get rid of the Nekketsu students. After clearing out the Union members, Kunio travels back to the hotel and finds a student knocked out on the floor before coming across more Union thugs. Kōji, Masa and Genei then arrive to assist Kunio in the fight against the two Union members. Upon defeating them, Kōji will tell Kunio that Yoshihiro tricked them while Masa informs him that he'll be waiting for him in Namba.

Shodai Yoshihiro SC 1

Kunio confronting Yoshihiro at the Osaka Port.

After arriving in Namba, Kunio fights a few Union thugs before he continues forward and is stopped by Wada as he reveals that Kunio fell for his trap. Wada heads back into the construction site as waves of Union goons attack Kunio. Upon clearing all the enemies, the prominent Union members step out to take Kunio on in a rematch battle at once. After defeating the Union leaders, Masaki's lackey arrives to inform Kunio that the Union is planning an attack in Ebisuchō at night and that Masaki has went out alone. Later in the night, Kunio fights off against some Union members outside of the Tsūtenkaku Tower's entrance before fighting waves of them inside the tower with the Alliance members backing him up. Afterwards, Kunio makes his way to the rooftop and eventually makes his way to Masaki where he witnesses him battle Ogura. Masaki wins the fight, though is immediately shot by Yoshihiro as he reveals himself and demands that Kunio settles things with him at the Osaka Port if he wants Miho back. Kunio checks in on Masaki and is told by him that he'll be alright and informs Kunio that he'll only be able to reach the port by bike. Masaki then asks Kunio to find Miho for him. Outside of the tower, the Alliance members tell Kunio that Yoshihiro snuck up on them from behind and ask what happened to Masaki. After being caught up on what happened, the Alliance leaves to deal with the remnants of the Union and ask Kunio to be careful. Kunio then fights his way through the port until he reaches Yoshihiro. He explains his motives in wanting to expand the Union's control into Tokyo and eventually the rest of Japan and then mentions that he transferred to Nekketsu High School in order to take Kunio out. Kunio calls Yoshihiro shameless which confuses him as he mistook Kunio for someone who also uses his strength to bend others to his will. Yoshihiro begins laughing, though Kunio continues to insult his ambitions and initiates the fight between the two.

Kunio Shodai SC 3

Kunio staring off into the sunrise.

Upon defeating Yoshihiro, he resents Kunio for exceeding his strength and believes that with Kunio's strength he would've been able to carry out his plan successfully. Kunio then lectures Yoshihiro about how power isn't to be used for controlling others and that nobody should ever get wrapped up in their own pride, as it'll always come back to bite them. Kunio is then thanked by Miho for rescuing her as they head outside of the warehouse. Miho then reunites with Masaki as the rest of the Alliance thanks Kunio for his efforts. Hiroshi and the Nekketsu High School students are also seen waiting for Kunio after hearing the news from Masaki. Kunio asks Hiroshi if he's okay, to which he responds saying that his body still hurts but he'll be fine. Masa asks what happened to Yoshihiro, though Kunio stands in silence as the group begins to reflect on Yoshihiro's actions. The group leaves after hearing the police sirens blare once again, though Kunio instead stares off into the sunrise. When asked by Miho if something was wrong, Kunio expresses that he could've turned out to be like Yoshihiro and thinks of it as something striking that they both did what they thought was right despite their differences. Miho suggests it's nothing to worry about as she believes that those are things to think about when they get older. Before catching up with everyone else, Miho asks Kunio if they'll ever meet again, to which Kunio replies that he hopes they'll be able to cross paths once again in the future.

Nekketsu Fighting Legend[]

Kunio decided to skip club activities and was about to head home from school until he found an invitation to a martial arts tournament from Toraichi and Toraji in his locker. Kunio accepts the challenge and heads off to enter the tournament. Kunio can be selected as a partner in the story mode or controlled in the battle mode. Completing the story with Kunio as your partner will unlock the hidden ending where Kunio will personally thank you for playing after the credits end.

In gameplay, Kunio is apart of the "Fighter" type with the Spin Attack, Bakuretsu Kick, and Mach Kick being available to him.

Kunio-kun's Nekketsu Soccer League[]

Misako has Kunio lead a soccer team in the Technos Japan Cup representing Japan comprising of a few members from Nekketsu High School's soccer club and a few members from the other Japanese teams. Kunio and his team faces off against other soccer teams from different parts of the world.

Kunio-kun no Dodgeball da yo Zen'in Shūgō[]

Downtown Nekketsu Baseball Monogatari: Yakyū de Shōbu da! Kunio-kun[]

Kunio appears as a member of Nekketsu High School's team and as a supporting character in the story.


Kunio leaving town to run errands.

When Sugata brought back the school's baseball club and became the team's new captain in an attempt to win the heart of Rika Asano, he initially planned on having Kunio join the team. While Sugata and Haruka Nanase are out walking, Nanase would instill confidence in Sugata after assuring him that they've still got Kunio to help them despite everything else that is seemingly going wrong. Kunio then runs past them as he informs the two that he'll be out of town to run errands as Kaoru Sonokawa chases after him. After Sugata successfully leads the team to victory in the game against Reihō Academy, Kunio makes a sudden appearance and joins the team.

During the ending of the game, Kunio, Sugata and Nanase are each thanked by Rika for motivating her and letting her see her childhood dream come true. After Rika begins talking to Tatsumi Tachibana, Kunio calls on Sugata and Nanase to head out with him. The three are then seen walking outside, though stop after they hear Satomi Momozono running after Sugata as they were supposed to walk home together. Kunio then sees Yamada run by and calls to him, though Yamada states that he's running for a reason and threatens to fight Kunio the next time they meet. Shortly after Yamada left, the owner of a restaurant he ate at is seen chasing after him as he ate three bowls of ramen but only paid for one. Kunio cracks a joke about the situation and has the group laugh alongside him.

Nekketsu! Street Basketball All-Out Dunk Heroes[]

Kunio manages to win a quiz show with the winner receiving a free two week trip to the United States of America. Kunio not too enthralled about his trip, he plans to go see Johnny from Oklahoma High School. When Johnny arrives, Kunio sees him with Riki and Godai with an application to enter a street basketball tournament. Kunio teams up with the three and play in the tournament as the Nekketsu team. Kunio wins the tournament and spends the rest of his trip relaxing with the others.

Shin Nekketsu Kōha: Kunio-tachi no Banka[]

Kunio appears alongside Riki as the main protagonists of the story. The two are playable at all times.

Kunio KTNB SC 1

Kunio and Riki being visited by Hiroshi while incarcerated.

During the intro of the game, Kunio and Riki are imprisoned at a juvenile correction facility in Nerima after the two are framed for a hit and run. The two are introduced to Takayama as he shows them their cell with Kunio being blamed for his son Mamoru's recent behavior. After entering their cell, the two immediately pick a fight against the cell's proclaimed boss Gōji as they refused to follow his orders. Upon being beaten in a fight, Gōji hands the title of the cell's boss to Kunio. Later in the morning, Kunio proclaims that he's been falsely arrested to his cellmates before the two are called by a guard as Hiroshi has arrived to visit. Hiroshi begs Kunio to break out of prison and return to school as he mentions that things have changed in his absence. Hiroshi then informs Kunio that Daiki has taken control of the school and that rumors have been spreading of Misako supposedly cheating on Kunio with Daiki and a Kunio lookalike being spotted. Back in their cell, Kunio comes to the conclusion that his lookalike is the one who committed the hit and run. His cellmates try to convince him that breaking out will be impossible, though Kunio refuses to sit around and do nothing which inspires Gōji to think up of a plan to help the two break out. During the night, Gōji stands beside the cell's door while the other cellmates pretend that they've gotten food poisoning in order to have a guard check inside of their cell. When Takayama walks in to see what's going on, Gōji grabs him from behind and allows Kunio and Riki to make their escape. After reaching the prison walls, Kunio and Riki fights off a few guards before they find Hiroshi waiting for them on-top of the ladder. The three then jump down and continue to run away from the prison. Kunio and Riki are chased down by Takayama and annoyed at his persistence decides to fight him.

Kunio KTNB SC 2

Kunio and Riki confronting Daiki at Nekketsu High School.

Kunio and Riki eventually catch up to Hiroshi outside of Nekketsu High School and asks Hiroshi to be their lookout while the two head inside the school through the back entrance to get their uniforms back. Kunio finds Misako at the pool as they pass by and asks her if she knows where his uniform is before hinting towards the rumors about her. Misako claims to not be aware of what's going on and tells Kunio to look for Daiki on the top floor before heading off to run some errands. Kunio and Riki then fight their way through the school to reach Daiki. Upon reaching Daiki, Kunio is immediately angered at the sight of him wearing his uniform and throws an insult towards him. Daiki then taunts Kunio by alluding to the fact that Misako may have truly been cheating on him as Daiki claims that he's taken good care of Misako in his absence. After beating Daiki in a fight, Kunio and Riki are seen outside of the school with their uniforms on as Misako catches up with them. Kunio asks her directly about Daiki and is doubtful of Misako's claims that everything was a misunderstanding, though Riki rudely interrupts the conversation and tells Kunio that he should not be worrying about his girlfriend at the moment as they're still wanted fugitives. Misako then brings up Kyōko and the state of Hanazono High School which makes Kunio think the two schools being in turmoil only after a few days of their absence as very suspicious. Before leaving, Kunio asks Misako if she plans on tagging along, though gets ready to leave her behind she gave an unclear answer. Misako then catches up to Kunio and decides to join the two.

Kunio KTNB SC 3

Kunio and the others confronting Shinji at the amusement park.

Takayama finds Kunio and Riki and gets ready to strike them with his baton, though Mamoru grabs ahold of him and pleads his father to stop. As Mamoru attempts to convince his father that Kunio and Riki are innocent, the group runs away and heads into Hanazono High School. After fighting their way through the crumbling school and defeating Ryūta on the rooftop, the group learn that Shinji is involved with the backing of the Sanwakai. Kyōko joins the group afterwards as they leave for the amusement park to find Shinji. At the park's entrance, the group runs into Ryūsaku who mistakes Kunio for his lookalike. Kunio asks Ryūsaku if he knows about his lookalike, to which he states that he only comes by to talk to Shinji and that he was being referred to as Ken. The group then fight their way through the amusement park and eventually find Shinji at the kart tracks. Kunio attempts to ask for Ken's location, though Shinji continues to taunt him before starting a fight. After being defeated, Shinji flees the scene and Kunio spots his motorcycle. Ryūsaku then informs the group that Shinji took the highway to the Blue Emperors hideout. Upon defeating Shinji at his hideout, he warns the group that they'll end up being killed if they continue looking into Ken. Outside of the warehouse, Takayama informs the group that Sabu is the mastermind behind the entire scheme and that Ken is rumored to be Kunio's twin brother. Takayama and Mamoru explains Ken's origins to Kunio and how he became the adoptive son of Sabu which leaves Kunio in disbelief. Takayama then mentions that Ken was last seen in Roppongi, though the group struggles to get him to move as he continues to think about whether Ken being his brother is actually true. They eventually snap him out of his thinking and all head to Roppongi.

Kunio KTNB SC 4

Kunio and the others confronting Sabu and Ken in Shinjuku.

Upon arriving to the disco in Roppongi the protagonists fight against Lisa and Joe as they were ordered to kill Kunio. Lisa runs inside of the club to look for Kinji afterwards which Kunio assumes is the one who gave her their orders. Inside of the club Kunio asks around for Kinji though doesn't realize he's currently talking to him, in which Kinji tells the group he won't be able to let them leave alive. Kunio demands for Ken's location, though Kinji shows no intention of giving out his location and fights the group. After being defeated Kinji informs the group that Ken is currently at the pachinko parlor in Shinjuku. Outside of the pachinko parlor the group fights off a few yakuza goons before coincidentally spotting Misuzu who is currently frustrated at the pachinko machines. Kunio attempts to talk his way past her after being recognized, though Misuzu decides to fight against them so she can let off some steam. The protagonists fight off some more yakuza after the ordeal and eventually reach the building's offices where they find Sabu and Ken. The two continue to lie to Kunio about Ken being his older brother, though Kunio repeatedly denies having any siblings and gets angry with Ken for hurting innocent people. This leads to Sabu shooting Misako and Kyōko in front of the boys as they leave. The boys begin to panic as they watch their girlfriends pass out in their arms. The two meet Takayama and Mamoru outside of the parlor as Takayama informs them that Sabu and Ken are headed for Izu and offers to lead them there while Mamoru takes the girls to the hospital.

Kunio vs

Kunio versus Sabu in his villa.

In Izu, Kunio and Riki thank Takayama as he leaves for all that he's done and fights off against enemies on the bridge leading to Sabu's villa. Ken burns the bridge afterwards to prevent them from continuing any further. The two fight off more waves of enemies along the water until they eventually find the entrance to a cave that they were able to use to get back up into the villa. Kunio and Riki fight their way through the villa until they're stopped by Misuzu who has since been hired by the Sanwakai as a bodyguard. Kunio asks Misuzu if she'll let them pass again, though Misuzu makes it clear that she has no intention of doing so. Following Misuzu's second defeat, the boys fight two more yakuza goons before facing off against Ken. After Ken is beaten in the fight, Kunio and Riki talk to him in his dying moments after he is shot by Sabu. Ken admits that he is not Kunio's brother and states that Sabu only adopted him to use him as a way to get revenge on Kunio for his defeat in Nekketsu Renegade Kunio-kun. Sabu activates the villa's self destruction system, to which Ken warns him to escape and wishes that he could've referred to Kunio as his actual older brother. Kunio and Riki then run after Sabu where Kunio taunts him for his ambitions which angers Sabu as he starts the fight. Upon Sabu's defeat, Kunio tells him to apologize to Ken when he arrives in Hell. After escaping from the villa, Takayama arrives to inform Kunio and Riki that any of the escaping Sanwakai members have been arrested and that Misako and Kyōko survived the gunshots. Feeling relieved at the news, the three head back to Tokyo.

Kunio no Oden[]

During a festival at Nekketsu High School, Kunio passes by Misako's oden stand and notices that she's struggling with sales. Feeling bad for her, Kunio decides to eat at her stand and ends up enjoying the food. In an attempt to boost her sales, he begins to claim that any student will lose their prestigious title if they pass by without trying the food. This move attracts familiar faces from the other schools and devolves into a competitive eating contest.

In the game, Kunio is controlled by the first player and is additionally seen on the title screen with Misako.

Nekketsu! Beach Volley dayo: Kunio-kun[]

Super Dodge Ball[]

Kunio appears as one of the playable captains. He enters the tournament because of his love for dodgeball. Kunio is an all-rounder whose special moves have no gimmicks and are easy to handle. His special moves are the Nekketsu Nut Shot, Nekketsu Rolling Shot, and the Nekketsu Royal Strike.

Kunio is voiced by Ryō Horikawa.

Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari EX[]

Kunio appears in the same role as he did in the original versions of the game. New to this version, Kunio will start with the Mach Kick by default and is able to recruit the Senridai Bombers or Sugata when playing as him alone. When playing as Riki alone, Kunio will be seen waiting for him outside of the Kobayashi Industrial Factory site regardless if Masao Kobayashi was defeated yet. Depending on Riki's reputation, Kunio will ask him if he'd like to fight for old time's sake or prevent him from going any further as he believes he has become too violent. If Kunio wishes to fight on friendly terms, the player is free to not fight him.

Nekketsu Kōkō Online: Yamada no Fukushū[]

Super Dodgeball Brawlers[]

Kunio appears as the captain of Nekketsu High School's team.

River City Super Sports Challenge[]

Kunio appears as the captain of Nekketsu High School's team.

While collecting information on the internet, Michael Tobioka would stumble upon Kunio in the headlines for his achievements in Super Dodgeball Brawlers. Fascinated by him, Tobioka would decide to challenge Kunio in a sports tournament in order to further develop his military robots. During the ending of the game, Tobioka is seen frustrated with Sadamovitch for not making his cyborg team efficient enough. When asked by Sierra on what he wishes to do next, he suggests that they'll be able to defeat Kunio next time now that he's collected enough data on him.

River City Soccer Hooligans[]

Kunio appears as the captain of Japan's team.

During the intro of the game, Tobioka is seen working out frustrated but also equally happy about his previous defeat to Kunio. Sierra informs him that Kunio is participating in a soccer tournament, to which Tobioka lets her know that he intends on watching each game and asks her to buy them tickets. Throughout the tournament Tobioka will order Sierra to send Kunio's team anonymous gifts to improve their performance. Following Japan's victory in the tournament, Tobioka challenges the team in an exhibition match against his cyborgs. Tobioka's team is ultimately defeated in the end as his cyborgs were physically stronger than Kunio, but they sent too many good items which allowed Kunio's team to surpass them.

Downtown Nekketsu Dodgeball[]

Nekketsu Kōha Kunio-kun Special[]

Nekketsu Kōha Kunio-kun Special is a remake of the original Nekketsu Renegade Kunio-kun and acts as a reboot starting from a new continuity. Kunio appears as the main protagonist of the story and is the only character controlled by the player.

Kunio NKK SP SC 4

Kunio rescuing Hiroshi from being bullied by Yūya and Toshio.

Kunio is about to begin his sophomore year at Nekketsu High School. He was recently transferred there as his previous school could not control him due to his tendency to solve any problem with violence. Upon entering the back of the school, he witnesses Yūya and Toshio attempting to extort Hiroshi for cash. Kunio beats up the two for their bullying and is thanked by Hiroshi, in which they formally introduce themselves to each other. Kunio then follows Hiroshi to class after asking for directions. Inside of the school, Kunio asks Hiroshi about his bullying situation and is told that he's been bullied ever since he was in middle school. After arriving to class, Madoka introduces herself to Kunio and gets annoyed with him after hearing his flirtatious comments. Kunio later steps outside of the classroom and heads to the bathroom after being given directions by Hiroshi. When Kunio returns, he witnesses Hiroshi being beaten up by Yūya and a group of Hanazono High School students who have come looking to get back at Kunio. Halfway through the fight, Madoka steps outside to break it up and scold Kunio for getting into fights on school grounds. Hiroshi attempts to cover for him saying it was to protect him from harm, though Madoka disregards this and demands Kunio to come back into class. Kunio then makes a comment about how cute he thinks Madoka looks when she's angry, to which Hiroshi is in disbelief he'd say such a thing at a time like that. Later in the Principal's office, the Principal asks Kunio if he's still upset over being kicked out of his previous school, though this angers Kunio as he jumps up on the table and claims that he wasn't kicked out and instead left on his own terms. The Principal then asks Kunio to not get into any fights and do anything that'd anger others.

Kunio NKK SP SC 5

Kunio confronting Wataru Sasaki at the park.

Outside of the school, Kunio witnesses Hiroshi being beaten up by Wataru Sasaki and gives chase to him after he flees. Kunio catches up to Wataru and attempts to ask how he knows his name, though he is not given an answer and proceeds to fight him and his cronies. After the fight, Kunio meets with Hiroshi at the park and is asked what his motivations are, to which Kunio expresses his strong distaste towards bullying and tells Hiroshi to ask him for his help if he ever needs it no matter what. Hiroshi begins to cry and mentions how he has not many any friends until now, which Kunio then happily states he'll be his friend and mentions that despite his lack of intellect, fighting is the one thing he's never given up on. On the following day, Kunio heads into class and notices a pack of Hanazono High School students gathering up in the school's courtyard. Madoka tells him to leave them alone as part of the Principal's request, though Kunio expresses that it's not okay as they're looking to pick a fight with him. Madoka then decides to go out herself to talk to them, though shortly after walking out she is hit by Wataru. Kunio witnesses the ordeal and walks outside enraged with what they've done. Madoka attempts to talk Kunio out of escalating things further, though Kunio ignores her and dashes straight towards the park in an attempt to lure Wataru and his goons off of school grounds. At the park, Kunio successfully fights off Wataru and the others with him. Wataru then mentions to Kunio that he is nowhere near Riki's strength. Confused, Kunio asks him who Riki is, though he doesn't give an answer and flees the scene. Kunio attempts to chase after him though loses sight of him and heads back to school.

Kunio NKK SP SC 3

Kunio confronting Riki at the Shinjuku Station.

Back at school, Kunio runs into Misako who has been looking around for him. Kunio asks her what she wants, to which Misako introduces herself and tells him that Madoka has asked him to follow her. Kunio mentions how cute she thinks Misako looks, though she steps back in disgust and states that she hates delinquents. Kunio walks into the Principal's office shortly after and checks in on Madoka, though she brushes the situation off and asks Kunio to stop referring to her as "Madoka-chan". After being asked by the Principal where he has been, Kunio lies by claiming that he only ran away because he didn't want to get into a fight. Outside, Hiroshi rushes in to inform Kunio that Riki is looking fight him and gives him a description on who he is. Kunio then heads over to the Shinjuku Station after being told by Hiroshi that it was his frequent hangout spot. At the Ikebukuro Station, Kunio fights off a group of Hanazono High School students who were waiting for him to show up. He fights a second wave of them while on the train and arrives at the Shinjuku Station where he meets Riki for the first time while being surrounding by another group of Hanazono students. Riki is angry with Kunio over what he did to Wataru while Kunio expresses his frustration in how his Hiroshi and Madoka were attacked. The two have a back and forth argument with each other and then proceed to fight. Upon being defeated, Hiroshi arrives to check in on Kunio and informs him that Wataru has ran back to Hanazono which upsets him that he got away. Riki gets back up and admits that Kunio is strong, though underplays his loss and claims that he only gave up. Kunio then gives Riki a lesson on how power should only be used to protect what's important to a person and not as something to hurt others with. Riki angrily asks that if friends are supposed to follow him if he has the power, though Kunio points out how his "friend" Wataru ran away when he needed him the most. Riki then asks Kunio to leave Wataru to him as the two of them leave.

Kunio NKK SP SC 6

Kunio demanding the Blue Emperor members outside Nekketsu High School to stop being a disturbance.

In the second chapter, Kunio is called to the Principal's office and is upset as he claims to have not done anything. The Principal asks if he has gotten involved in an altercation with Hanazono High School, as Wataru came by the school the other day to apologize for what he did. Kunio pretends as if he didn't know what happened and is asked by the Principal to remain on friendly terms with Hanazono students. Misako then walks into the office to inform Madoka of a situation that's currently going on outside. Madoka asks Kunio to not go, though he ignores her and walks outside to the sight of Blue Emperor members riding on their bikes in front of the school. Kunio demands them to stop being a disturbance and tells them to wait over at the park to settle things. Misako urges Kunio to not confront them, though Kunio doesn't listen and asks her to tell Madoka about where he went. Kunio then fights off the bikers at the park and returns to school. Upon returning, Kunio is asked by Kōji to pass a ball to him, in which Kunio throws a super shot that hits him and takes Misako by surprise. Kōji asks how he threw such a powerful shot, though Kunio brushes it off and only tells him to keep practicing. Misako mentions to Kunio that Kōji is a member of the dodgeball club, though appears frustrated when she notices that Kunio already took off without listening to what she had to say. Misako asks Kunio about his plans, which Kunio states that he only planned on looking around. She then mentions that she has to go back to class, which Kunio jokingly comments about how he'll instead choose to admire her greatness instead to the annoyance of Misako. During her gym class, Kunio plays a game of basketball until Hiroshi arrives to inform Kunio that something is happening outside again.

Shinji NKK SP SC 2

Kunio confronting Blue Emperor's leader Shinji in Yokosuka.

Kunio walks out to the sight of more Blue Emperor goons riding around in the school's courtyard and proceeds to fight them. After clearing out the enemies, he is briefly introduced to Mikoto before he leaves in an attempt to instigate a fight. Kunio takes one of the motorcycles lying around and chases after Mikoto onto the highway. He eventually catches up to him and kicks him off of his bike in the middle of traffic. The two then face off against each other with Kunio easily defeating Mikoto. Afterwards, Kunio demands Mikoto for his boss' whereabouts and is eventually told that he'll find Shinji in Yokosuka. Kunio gets back onto his bike and follows Shinji's car over to the Blue Emperor's turf at a port within the city. He immediately fights off a wave of bikers until he's able to ask Shinji why he's been sending his men to his school. Shinji states that the heard about the fight between him and Riki and that he found it very hard to believe that Riki actually lost. Kunio then proceeds to fight Shinji and his men. Upon being defeated, Shinji is convinced that Kunio was able to beat Riki, which makes Kunio realize that he was only being tested. Kunio asks Shinji where he heard the rumor of his and Riki's fight, to which Shinji reveals that he got the information from a student at his school named Yūya. Shinji mentions that it was his first time ever losing and thanks Kunio for putting up a good fight.

Misuzu NKK SP SC 2

Kunio fighting Misuzu and her lackeys in an alleyway within Kabukicho.

In the third chapter, Kunio is seen hanging out with Hiroshi on the rooftop as he asks him if he'd like to stop by Kabukicho on the way home. The two then go to write a test and talk about how difficult it was afterwards. On the way out of school, Kunio runs into Kōji again and is asked to pass the ball over to him. Kunio throws his super shot once more and watches him successfully catch the ball, in which he comments that he's gotten better since they last saw each other. Kōji then invites Kunio to the dodgeball club, though he refuses and claims that he doesn't have the time to play sports, however Hiroshi calls him out on his lie which annoys him. Meanwhile at the Ikebukuro Station, the two run into more Hanazono High School students who attempt to fight Kunio. More are seen on the train where Kunio willingly lets them beat him up until they arrive in Shinjuku where he fights them off. Riki steps into the scene afterwards confused at what's going on and then realizes it's about Kunio. Hiroshi backs Kunio up and mentions that the Hanazono students started attacking him for no reason, to which Riki apologizes and promises to take care of the rest as the two of them leave. In Kabukicho, the two end up playing at the arcade together where Hiroshi then asks Kunio if he'd like to try using the photo booth with him. Hiroshi peeks inside and finds out three girls are already using it, though is horrified at the humongous size of one of the girls. After being slapped away by this girl, Kunio checks in on Hiroshi and asks him what's wrong, to which he claims that he's seen a monster. Kunio then runs outside of the building into an alleyway as Misuzu walks out of the booth angry at Hiroshi's comments. One of Misuzu's lackeys Miyuki follows Kunio to confront him about how rude he was being to Misuzu, though she gets annoyed by his senseless gibberish and attempts to fight him alongside more of Misuzu's crew. After the fight, Misuzu steps into the alleyway and scares Kunio because of her size. Kunio points this out which angers Misuzu and leads to her fighting him. Upon being defeated, Kunio mentions that it was his first time meeting someone like her, which enamors Misuzu as she mentions that it was the first time she met a man like him. Kunio properly introduces himself after being asked by Misuzu for his name. Hiroshi then arrives to check in on Kunio and leaves alongside him.


Kunio fighting Sabu and his men inside of the Sanwakai office.

On the final chapter, Kunio is invited out for dinner with Hiroshi and his father. Kunio accepts his offer and the two are then picked up by his father outside of the school. During the drive, Hiroshi's father thanks Kunio for always helping out his son and asks if he'd like to eat some steak, which Kunio happily accepts. Outside of the restaurant, the three are stopped by a group of yakuza goons who attempt to attack Hiroshi's father. Kunio intervenes and fights off the yakuza before they're able to harm anyone. Inside of the restaurant, Hiroshi's father thanks Kunio for saving him, though he brushes it off as he expresses that he just dislikes the yakuza. When asked by Hiroshi why the yakuza are targeting him, his father responds statings that it likely because he was against the construction of a casino. Sometime later after class, Kunio walks out of the school and witnesses Hiroshi get stabbed by a yakuza goon. Shinji coincidentally arrives shortly after and is informed by Kunio on what just happened. Kunio then asks Shinji to take care of Hiroshi as he uses his bike to chase after his assailants. He then arrives outside of the Sanwakai's office where he finds Gen waiting for his arrival. Gen orders the Sanwakai members around him to deal with Kunio as he heads inside. After clearing out the enemies, Kunio heads inside and fights against Gen without caring whether they were yakuza or not. Upon being defeated, Gen warns Kunio to not continue any further, though he refuses to back down and proceeds to fight his way through the building. Eventually, Kunio comes across two girls who claim that they have been kidnapped and notices them in distress. Kunio tells the girls to run away as he continues walking forward, where he is then trapped inside of a cage by Katsuji. He is later seen tied up at the building's entrance as Katsuji beats him up. Katsuji eventually gets fed up with Kunio's remarks and calls on Gen to get rid of him. Gen gets ready to stuff Kunio into a car and have him thrown into the water to drown, though Riki and Shinji unexpectedly arrive on their motorcycles to rescue him. The two deal with Gen and the rest of the Sanwakai goons outside as Kunio breaks himself free and storms his way through the building until he reaches Sabu. Kunio is asked by Sabu why he's getting in his way and is invited to join the Sanwakai as a way to let him do whatever he'd like. Kunio refuses and angrily states that he cannot forgive those who hurt others. He then faces off against Sabu and his goons.

Kunio NKK SP SC 7

Kunio riding alongside Riki and Shinji on the highway.

Upon Sabu's defeat, he believes Kunio's strength to be a wasted opportunity and questions why he doesn't want to join him. Kunio makes it clear that he has no interest in becoming a yakuza, to which Sabu asks what he even fights for. He replies stating that he fights for what's important to him and believes it to be what a real man would do, though Sabu argues about how money doesn't envy people. Kunio disregards his beliefs as typical nonsense he'd hear from someone old like him and talks about how there's a real bond between people's hearts. Sabu is briefly reminded about his childhood before asking if the guys on the bikes outside are with him, to which Kunio responds saying that they're his friends. Outside of the building, Riki checks with Kunio to see if he's hurt at all, in which Kunio assures that he's fine and instead asks Shinji if he's doing good. Shinji angrily states that he doesn't need to be taken care of and asks Kunio if his bike is untouched, though Kunio admits that it's slightly dented which causes Shinji to get upset. The three of them then race each other back.

Riki Densetsu[]

Kunio makes a brief appearance during the game's post-credits cutscene as he arrives at the Shinjuku Station to fight Riki for the first time.

River City: Tokyo Rumble[]

Kunio appears as the main protagonist of the story and is playable by default. He starts off with no special moves but is able to learn every special move in the game. In the Rumble gamemode, Kunio is able to use the Mach Kick and the Whirlwind Kick. In the Dodgeball gamemode, he is instead able to use the Nuts Shot and the Penetrating Shot.

Kunio TR SC 1

Kunio confronting Riki over his alleged involvement in attacking Hiroshi.

Following the events of Nekketsu Kōha Kunio-kun Special, Tokyo has been relatively peaceful after Sabu promised to Kunio that he would keep his hands off the city following his defeat. Kunio is first seen leaving Nekketsu High School with Misako as he witnesses Sakata and Wataru next to a knocked out Hiroshi. After making sure he was okay, Kunio runs after Sakata and Wataru to get revenge for Hiroshi. Upon defeating the two, Kunio learns from Sakata that Riki supposedly gave him orders to beat up Hiroshi. On the following day, Kunio ditches class and heads to Shinjuku to confront Riki about the situation. Hiroshi comes in during their conversation and attempts to proclaim Riki's innocence, though Riki believes Kunio isn't convinced and tells him to meet him at the vacant lot on the following day so they can fight. Kunio later meets Riki at the vacant lot as planned, though Riki notices someone hiding in the bushes and demands that they reveal themselves. Ginjishi then introduces himself to the two as a member of the Kanto Lion Alliance and states that their group is aiming to take control over Tokyo. He then brings in Sakata and Wataru as potential candidates for bosses of the Alliance's Tokyo Crew. Following the defeat of Ginjishi, Sakata, and Wataru, Kunio accepts Riki's apology for Sakata and Wataru's actions and makes the decision to take on the Lion Alliance head-on. Kunio then demands Wataru for information on the Lion Alliance, to which he informs them of all the locations they currently have control over and that Majishi was making soon making a move on Ueno. Hearing that Majishi's gang consists of a lot of bikers, Kunio and Riki decide that it'd be best to get Shinji's help in training them against taking out bikers.

Kunio TR SC 2

Kunio after defeating Majishi.

Before leaving for Yokohama, Kunio is stopped by Misako outside of Nekketsu High School as she angrily confronts him for getting himself involved in street fighting again. She questions why he chooses to get himself into risky situations, but Kunio dodges the question and instead tries to explain that he's only going up against a few punks with Riki attempting to back his sentiment up. After finding Shinji, he happily agrees to help Kunio and Riki practice and orders his boys to attack them using their motorcycles before coming out with his own bike. Kunio and Riki thank Shinji for the practice and tell him that they're headed for Ueno tomorrow, in which Shinji decides to join them as he wishes to keep the Lion Alliance off his turf. On the following day, Kunio is seen struggling with a test in class and chooses to guess the remaining answers in the last five minutes. He then leaves class to head for Ueno. After arriving in Ueno, the group faces off against some of Majishi's men on their motorcycles. The group then looks around the area for Majishi himself and get ready to give up for the day, though Majishi unexpectedly drops down and attacks Kunio unprovoked. Kunio appears shocked that he wasn't even given an introduction, though Majishi explains that it's his own way of introducing himself to others. The group then face off against Majishi and his boys after he attempted to attack Shinji. Ginjishi arrives on his bike following Majishi's defeat and attempts to deal with the situation himself, though is also bested by the protagonists. Kunio attempts to make Ginjishi realize that Shinji is worried about him, though Ginjishi ignores the comment and demands that he butts out of the conversation. He then informs the group that Benijishi is making a move on Shibuya before leaving. With the group not being comfortable with fighting against girls, Kunio appears shocked at Riki's idea of requesting the help of Misuzu but ends up agreeing to the idea regardless.

Kunio TR SC 3

Kunio attempting to introduce himself to Benijishi.

On the next day, Kunio is stopped by Kōji as he asks him to pass them the dodgeball. Kunio throws a super shot knocking Kōji and Shinichi to the ground and calls them pathetic. Shinichi asks Kunio to come to practice, though Kunio refuses the offer and heads off to Shinjuku. Upon finding Misuzu in Kabukicho, Kunio requests for her help in fighting Benijishi as he doesn't wish to fight any girls, though Misuzu takes offense to this as he's previously fought her with no issue. Not wanting to hear his excuses, Misuzu fights the group. Following the fight Misuzu appears upset at Kunio for treating her poorly, though Kunio asks again for her strength and not her whining. Misuzu then agrees to join the group and they all get ready to leave for Shibuya on the next day. The protagonists are later seen looking for Benijishi in Shibuya though struggle to find her. She eventually walks right past them, though the boys all get distracted by her looks and fail to realize that she was the one who they were looking for. After Misuzu points out to the boys that she was Benijishi, they all decide to go chase after her. Upon catching up to her, the boys each attempt to flirt with her though Misuzu once again puts a stop to it and decides to do the talking herself. Following Benijishi's defeat, Kunio checks in on her to make sure she's alright though steps back after Shishiō enters the scene. Shishiō and his bodyguards get ready to attack the protagonists, though Ginjishi arrives and convinces Shishiō to let him deal with the group instead. After being informed of Shishiō's position within the Lion Alliance, Kunio comments on how he looked tough and that it gets him pumped up. Ginjishi tells the group that they'll need to take on Ukyō and Sakyō Azuma in Asakusa if they want to fight Shishiō.

Kunio TR SC 5

Kunio confronting Sakyō and Ukyō Azuma.

Back at Nekketsu High School on the following day, Kunio is asked by the dodgeball club once again to practice with them. Kunio agrees and plays a round with them before heading to Asakusa. Upon defeating Ukyō and Sakyō, the two inform the protagonists that they'll need to additionally fight Kinjishi in Akihabara if they wish to take down the Lion Alliance but mention that it's uncertain if he'll actually show up. On the next day, Kunio meets with Madoka at the school for guidance counseling and is asked about what he wishes to pursue as a career. Kunio chooses to not give her a straight answer and only responds saying he'd like to fight for justice. Madoka initially appears frustrated at his response, though mentions that she's been noticing him always leaving class early as of late and questions if he's getting into any trouble, however Kunio only states that it's nothing out of the ordinary. Madoka then suggests to Kunio that he joins a sports team, though Kunio states that he's too busy and will think it over when he has some downtime. Kunio then leaves the classroom to head for Akihabara.

Kunio TR SC 6

Kunio getting ready to fight Ginjishi one on one.

On a first run of the game, the protagonists will run into Sakata at the electronics store attempting to impersonate Kinjishi as an attempt to con others into giving him free items within the store. Sakata attempts to fight the protagonists after having his cover blown by Riki though is easily defeated. Kunio presses Sakata for information on the real Kinjishi but mistakenly lets him run away after Sakata tricks the protagonists into thinking Shishiō has arrived. The group nearly catch up to Sakata though he is accidentally ran over by Ginjishi on his motorcycle. On a second run of the game, the protagonists will instead witness Kinjishi fight a pair of thugs on the streets until he is stopped by his secretaries as he has a meeting to attend to. Kunio decides to follow him and ends up finding him inside of the staff room of the electronics store where the group then faces off against him. Upon defeating him, Kinjishi thanks Kunio for the fight. Shinji later attempts to convince Ginjishi to leave the Lion Alliance and return to the Blue Emperors, though Ginjishi gets angry after Shinji questions if he's still upset over a prior incident. Kunio jumps into the conversation and asks Ginjishi is he's aware that friends are supposed to look out for each other, however this only further enrages him as he claims that Shinji isn't his friend. Wanting to beat some sense into him, Kunio asks the group to back off so he can fight Ginjishi alone. Following the fight, Kunio is told the story of Ginjishi's former friend in the Blue Emperors who lost his life in a motorcycle accident. Shishiō arrives shortly after and gets ready to attack the group, though Kunio agrees to flee after the other mention that they're feeling worn out. After running all the way to Shinjuku, Wataru finds the protagonists and offers to lead them to an empty apartment in Shinagawa as a hideout for them to lay low in. Kunio accepts the offer and follows Wataru.

Kunio TR SC 7

Kunio getting ready to fight Sabu once more.

Upon arriving at the Shinagawa Bridge, Shishiō enters the scene with his bodyguards and reveals that Wataru was working alongside him in exchange for a high ranking position within the Lion Alliance. Shishiō is ultimately defeated and is then shot by Sabu as he reveals himself to the protagonists. Kunio recognizes him and comes to the conclusion that he was the mastermind behind all that's been happening. Lee then introduces himself as Sabu's brother and orders one of his goons to bring in Madoka as a way to prevent Kunio from attacking them. Lee then mentions that he and Sabu will be waiting for Kunio's arrival in Hong Kong with Madoka attempting to convince him to call the police instead of falling into their trap. Riki additionally tries to sway Kunio into not following them to Hong Kong, though Kunio remains persistent on wanting to rescue Madoka. Later at the airport, Kunio is seen saying goodbye to the group as he gets ready to depart for Hong Kong alone as he believes that Madoka and Sabu's vendetta against him is his problem to deal with. The others express that they wish to accompany Kunio regardless which leaves him speechless and convinces him into letting the others join him. Before leaving to catch the plane, Shishiō and the rest of the Lion Alliance arrive at the airport to inform Kunio that they still plan on continuing their takeover of Tokyo as they wish to take on him and his crew once again. Kunio expresses his interest in a rematch but states that he has other business to attend to first.

Kunio TR SC 8

Kunio vowing to beat Sabu after witnessing Ginjishi's sacrifice.

After arriving in Hong Kong, Kunio demands Sabu for Madoka's whereabouts but ends up chasing after him as Sabu and Lee instead walk away. The protagonists catch up to the two at Lee's film set where he reveals that they plan on filming their beatdown as it'll make for a hit movie. Upon clearing out Lee's goons, Kunio taunts the two by saying that a movie about fighters for justice taking down yakuza goons would make for a better movie than what they initially had in mind. Sabu brushes off the comments and claims that he still has an ace in the hole, though Ginjishi shows up with Madoka rescued which leaves him shocked. Sabu gets ready to shoot Madoka, however Ginjishi jumps in front of her to block the bullet. Enraged, Kunio vows to make Sabu pay for what he did and begins the fight against him and Lee. Following the defeat of Sabu and Lee, the protagonists discover that the late friend of Ginjishi's old hub cover he was carrying blocked the bullet from ever hitting him. Madoka is then seen frustrated with Kunio for not listening to her instructions, though ends up thanking him regardless as she realizes she wouldn't have been able to stop his passion for justice.

River City: Knights of Justice[]

Kunio plays the role of Cooney Valford.

In the localization, Kunio is renamed Alexander, but keeps the Valford surname.

Nekketsu Taisen Kunio-kun X[]

River City Super Sports Challenge ~All Stars Special~[]

This remake of Super-Awesome Field Day re-imagines the events of that game. The story takes place after River City: Rival Showdown.

In the story mode, Kunio is first seen alongside Momozono, Sugata and Nanase congratulating the freshmen for passing the screening for the upcoming athletic meet. Kunio decides to place Noboru Takamine as the team's backup player as he realized that they're only supposed to have six members within a team. Takamine is initially upset by this, though Kunio assures that he can become a regular member of the team if his skills improve before the tournament. Kunio then briefly introduces himself to the new members and mentions that they'll be starting special training on the following day. On the next day, Kunio arrives at the school during the evening and asks what happened as he noticed the team looked worn out. He comes to the conclusion that Reihō Academy was behind what happened and becomes angry that they did such a thing in his absence, though also recognizes that the team's weak skills will not do and decides that going through intensive training will be the right course of action. Sugata is shocked and questions if he's asking them to train right then and there, to which Kunio confirms and demands that they run ten laps around the field with him. The team then passes out on the ground after hearing his demands.

Before the first qualifying round, Kunio is seen with Sugata, Takamine, and the new freshman as they notice injured players being taken on a stretcher mentioning bombs. The others come to the conclusion that the athletic meet isn't an ordinary tournament and are then informed by Momozono that bombs have falling from the sky. Kunio disregards the bombs and decides that they should still push forwards. After the match, Nanase is blackmailed by Koshiba and Nito at the park into handing a bottle of poison to Kunio as they threaten to go after his friend Matsuda. During the second match of the qualifiers, Riki finds Kunio and mentions Sugata's injury from the day prior. Kunio states that it's only a minor injury and expresses how odd the tournament feels. Riki believes that there is more to come and warns Kunio to be careful, though Kunio jokingly tells him that he shouldn't be saying something like that to his opponent. Riki then points out how it was pointless for him to worry and the two wish to have an honorable match against each other. With Hanazono High School beaten, Kunio is seen celebrating with the team and is suddenly handed the bottle of poison by Nanase disguised as a girl. Thinking that this was only a gift from a fan, Kunio taunts Hayato Ichijō for being able to receive gifts due to his popularity and takes a drink from the bottle. Kunio confusingly watches Ichijō run off after the girl due to his jealously. Shortly after leaving the school, Kunio and the new freshman witness Wataru being beaten up by Reihō students and manages to dissolve the situation. Kunio asks Wataru what he's doing and mentions that it would've been a better match with him present, to which Wataru appears shocked and disappointed that Riki lost the match. Unsure of what's going on, Kunio asks Wataru to stop bothering Riki before leaving.

From this point, Kunio is hospitalized due to the poisonous drink we was given though his team outside of Nanase is unaware of this. With everyone confused on his whereabouts, Tōdō makes a sudden change to the tournament's rules requiring that the team's captains are required to participate in the upcoming match and that teams without one will be disqualified. Tōdō then shows up to Nekketsu High School's booth and warns them that their team will have to be eliminated within the next five minutes after noticing Kunio was absent. With the team in a panic, Momozono decides that they'll need to select a new captain with the rest of the team all agreeing on appointing the new freshman. During the ending of the first match, Momozono informs the team of Kunio's condition. Later on, Hiroshi and the new freshman pass through the park onto the way to the hospital to visit Kunio, though they are stopped by Tōdō as he orders Ryūichi and Ryūji to attack the two. Nanase jumps in to back them up immediately while Hiroshi runs to alert Kunio of the situation. Throughout the fight a recovered Sugata and Kunio arrive as additional support. After the fight Kunio thanks Nanase for his efforts, though he looks away disappointed in himself as he explains to the team that he was the one responsible for hospitalizing Kunio and apologizes to them. Kunio expresses how he wishes to reveal what's going on right away, though decides that it'd be better for them to pay back Reihō Academy in the tournament. Nanase begins to apologize once again, though Kunio stops him and jokingly states he planned on going on a diet anyway. He then asks Nanase to stop feeling so down and to instead focus on beating Reihō.

During the semi-finals Kunio is seen with Sugata, Momozono and the new freshman as they discuss the remaining teams participating in the tournament. Having heard that Hanazono High School and the School Union are still in the tournament, Kunio playfully suggests that they go tease them as they won't be able to bear being defeated. Kobayashi, Reika Gojōin and Takashi Onizuka then return to gloat about their respective team's strengths which angers Momozono and gets Takamine to think about how their teams were previously undefeatable. Kunio thinks lightly of the situation and believes that they've all gotten stronger since then and that it'll be good payback for what happened during their practice match. After the match Kunio is seen celebrating their victory with Sugata and the new freshman as he points out how much stronger he's gotten in his absence. Kunio and the new freshman then meet up with Riki and Tsuyoshi Gōda at the School Union's booth and notices that it's been destroyed. After being informed of what happened, Riki asks if Nekketsu High School is participating in the finals, to which Kunio confirms that their team is still in. Riki then asks Kunio to not get defeated by Reihō, in which he responds by telling Riki to stop worrying about others and instead worry about his own team.

Before the finals the team is seen discussing Reihō Academy's remaining participants. Kunio optimistically notes the remaining teams as being a headache, though Hasebe suddenly enters the conversation as she went to see Kunio after hearing he was hospitalized. Hasebe expresses that she's glad Kunio is back in a healthy state and then mentions she was kicked out of the tournament's broadcasting room after suspecting something was off and was looking to prevent Tōdō from meddling with the tournament any further. She then states that Ryūichi and Ryūji has seemingly already dealt with Tōdō for the final game and notes that they didn't look like they were kidding about having a fair competition for the final game. With Kunio feeling pumped up, Hasebe begins to think that her worrying was needless and asks him to cheer up before leaving. Following the finals, Nekketsu High School is announced as the tournament's winners with Kunio crediting the new freshman as being half the reason for their team doing so well. Nanase appears confused and questions who the other half is, to which Kunio admits that he was referring to himself. With the tournament coming to a close, Kunio is then seen walking home with Hiroshi and the new freshman as they reflect on how chaotic things turned out to be.

During the secret exhibition match, Kunio is seen with Hiroshi, Kenichi Morimoto, and the new freshman discussing an invitation they received from Tobioka challenging Nekketsu High School's team against his own team. Kunio initially is suspicious of the invitation, though after hearing of the other participating teams he notes them as being names he's heard of in the past and happily decides to accept Tobioka's challenge. With Tobioka, Tōdō and Yamada's ulterior motives falling apart following Nekketsu's victory in the secret match, Kunio is seen walking home with the rest of the team as he stops and personally thanks the player for playing the game. Kunio then catches up with the rest of the team as Momozono warns him that they'll miss the train.

Kunio appears as the captain of Nekketsu High School's team and additionally as a captain for the Nekketsu Dodgeball Club team, the Historical Drama team in the role of Kunimasa, and the Nekketsu Magical Story team in the role of Kounie. In the story mode, the player's custom character replaces Kunio as Nekketsu's team captain after he is temporarily removed from the team. His other team counterparts are able to be played outside of the story mode. Kunio is able to use Mach Kick and the Nuts Shot, Dodgeball Kunio is able to use the Penetrating Shot and the Nuts Shot, Kunimasa is able to use Mach Kick, and Kounie is able to use Mach Bash and Mach Kick.

Kunio-kun no Nekketsu Dodgeball ALLSTARS!![]

Kunio-kun no Nekketsu Street[]

Downtown Nekketsu Jidaigeki[]

Kunio reprises his role as Kunimasa.

River City: Rival Showdown[]

River City: Rival Showdown is a remake of Downtown Nekketsu Story. The game takes place before River City Super Sports Challenge ~All Stars Special~.

Kunio RS SC 1

Kunio being ambushed by Ryūichi and Ryūji Hattori.

In the game's prologue, Kunio is seen walking through Yumemicho late at night getting ready to head home until he is ambushed by Ryūichi and Ryūji Hattori. The police are called shortly after and the twins flee the scene. Hiroshi and Sugata arrive after witnessing the fight and tell Kunio of the rumor spreading around about the twins. Kunio shrugs off the situation and heads home. On the following day, Kunio skips class and is informed by Hiroshi that his attackers were a pair of twins who recently transferred to Reihō Academy that became the school's top delinquents overnight and mentions that Riki has been unable to get a hold of Mami. Kunio insists that Mami may have just dumped Riki instead, though is convinced by Hiroshi that something more sinister may be going on.

Kunio RS SC 2

Kunio being interrupted by a group of masked men.

At the Hoshinooka Shops, Kunio meets Satoshi Nagatsuka who after being recognized is told about Reihō Academy's scheme for taking control over the schools in the area and is warned about Tadashi Kinoshita. Shortly after Kunio would unknowingly meet Mika Sakagami who would suddenly ask him to be her boyfriend. While initially shocked, he remains open to the idea and thinks about it until they are stopped by a group of masked men. Kunio briefly fights the masked men before demanding that they back off as he doesn't wish to fight with any girls present. The masked men begin to mock Kunio which infuriates him and causes him to continue the fight. After dealing with the masked men, Kunio checks in on Mika for any injuries and appears confused about the ordeal after watching her jet off. Underneath the Hanazono Bridge Kunio would run into Tsuneo Kamijō and Noriyuki Yamamoto as they challenge him to a fight looking to gain fame. Kunio easily beats the pair and notes them as being weird after they pass out. At the Midoricho Shops, Kunio is stopped by Yasuo Sawaguchi as he attempts to sell him party tickets but leaves immediately after being called by Naritaka Nishimura. Within the next hour Kunio runs into Sawaguchi once again and is recognized as the guy he attempted to sell to before. Sawaguchi continues to offer the party tickets to Kunio until he becomes frustrated and makes it clear he has no interest in purchasing any. Sawaguchi notices his aggression and starts a fight between the two. Upon being defeated, Sawaguchi runs off to find Nishimura which leaves Kunio confused about what happened. At the arcade Kunio would spot Yorikazu Minamoto and recognize that he had one of the masks from earlier next to him. He attempts to interrogate Minamoto about the mask and doesn't get any answers he's looking for as Minamoto is too occupied with his game. Kunio then asks if he can talk after his game, though is instead given a challenge where he must beat Minamoto at Double Dragon Duel in order to get any answers from him. After winning a game, Kunio asks Minamoto about the mask once again though is told to meet at the Hanazono Bridge on the following day as he wishes to explain it somewhere private.

Kunio RS SC 3

Kunio agreeing to Naritaka Nishimura's request for an alliance.

Later in the evening Kunio will once again run into Sawaguchi who has now brought Nishimura alongside him. Nishimura then challenges him to a fight at the Maruka Transport before night. Kunio arrives at the warehouse to the sight of Sawaguchi who has been waiting for him in order to have a rematch. After beating Sawaguchi, Kunio takes the elevator to the warehouse's top floor and fights against Nishimura. Following the fight, Kunio is told by Nishimura about who Kinoshita is and is given a proposal for an alliance in order to take Kinoshita down. Kunio accepts the deal and is told to be back at the warehouse on the following evening where he'll initially confront Kinoshita as Nishimura and Sawaguchi pop in for additional support once they see an opening. During the night time, Kunio is offered party tickets once again by another student and gets in a scrap between them after declining the offer. The seller mentions how he's not going to meet his sales quota, in which Kunio then learns that the party tickets are a scheme setup by Reihō Academy as a source of revenue for them. On Reihō's campus, Kunio checks in on an unstable Onizuka who suddenly picks a fight with him. After being defeated, Onizuka is briefly seen in a normal state as he recognizes Kunio, though this doesn't last long as he begins to mumble again which creeps Kunio out. At the Starpark Café, Kunio meets Akira Shinoda and takes a seat to listen in about the stories and information he has regarding Reihō Academy. Shinoda passes out multiple times throughout their conversation due to being drunk, though Kunio continually wakes him up to have him keep the conversation going. Through Shinoda's conversations, Kunio is informed of who each of Reihō's Four Kings are. Lastly, Kunio finds Kamijō and Yamamoto waiting for him outside of Nekketsu High School in order to have a rematch. The two are easily beaten, though they remain persistent on trying to best Kunio and decide that they need to learn new moves in order to defeat him.

Kunio RS SC 4

Kunio preventing Riki from being attacked by Kiyofumi Taira at the Starpark Café.

On the second day, Kunio meets Minamoto under the Hanazono Bridge as told and fights him in order to get the information he's looking for. Minamoto brings up the rumors spreading around of Ryūichi and Ryūji's takeover of all the other high schools in Japan and then asks him to take down Kiyofumi Taira as he believes only Kunio can stop him from instigating a fight between Hanazono High School and Senridai High School. Kunio initially brushes the situation off as he knows that Hanazono has Riki, though he agrees to help out after being told by Minamoto that Taira plans to do the same thing to Nekketsu High School and that he was responsible for the previous day's attack on him. Kunio is then told to find Taira's men at the Hanazono Park within the next hour. Later at the park, Kunio fights against Taira's crew and then learns from Minamoto that Taira has switched to his backup plan of attacking Riki directly. Before leaving to assist Riki, Kunio sends all of Taira's men flying offscreen with a single punch as payback for yesterday. At the Starpark Café, Kunio intercepts Taira's plan and assists Riki in the fight against him and his men. After the fight, Kunio is given Taira's phone as Riki rushes over to Hanazono High School to de-escalate the situation that's supposedly going down. Unbeknownst to Riki, Kunio decides to follow him to the school and helps settle things by proving that Reihō Academy was responsible for the attacking of Senridai High School students by reading Taira's text messages. On the Hanazono Bridge, Hasebe asks Kunio if he remembers the Yamada guy they went to middle school with and mentions that he's currently attending Reihō and recently became the President of the Student Council. She states that Onizuka was the previous President and that nobody had a problem with him, which leaves her curious as to why the switch happened.

Kunio RS SC 5

Kunio in the fight against Tadashi Kinoshita.

In the evening, Kunio comes across Sugata knocked out inside of Maruka Transport and immediately comes to his aid. After realizing who Sugata was referring to as his assailant, Kinoshita attempts to get the drop in on Kunio and attacks him from behind. Kunio proceeds to fight Kinoshita two times until Sawaguchi and Nishimura arrive to assist him. The two initially appear disappointed that Kunio already handled things by himself, though Kinoshita gets up for a third time and attempts to attack Kunio once more. After Kinoshita calls in his boys, Kunio fights him with the help of Sugata, Sawaguchi, and Nishimura. Upon being defeated, Kunio and Sugata get ready to leave the warehouse but are stopped after hearing the sound of Kinoshita getting up. Kunio then steps back and uses a special move to keep him down for good. Later at the Starpark Café, Kunio gets ready to talk to Shinoda again though is eventually told by him to talk to his old classmate Rina Deguchi at Three Castle if he wants to hear more high school stories. Unsure of what the place is, Kunio asks what Three Castle is about, to which Shinoda describes the place as being similar to a maid café where the girls instead wear princess gowns instead. With Kunio still confused on what the point of such a place is, Shinoda explains that people pay a thousand yen to talk with the girls for an hour which immediately shocks Kunio that people would pay such a high price to have girls talk to them. After wrapping up the conversation, Shinoda pays for Kunio's visit and lets Rina know that he's coming so he's able to get inside the building. Due to Rina being busy, Mika comes to sit with Kunio instead and asks if he'd like to talk to her. Kunio recognizes Mika's face and eventually points out that she was the Reihō student who asked him out the other day. Mika then drops the act and apologizes for what she did mentioning that she was hired by Taira for a gig. She attempts to change the conversation by asking Kunio if he'd like to go out on a real date, though Kunio shoots down the offer and lets her know that he's more interested in hearing about what Taira did. Mika is then suddenly called out before she got the chance to explain what happened which leaves Kunio frustrated. Rina comes to sit with Kunio and proceeds to tell him all about Kobayashi's backstory and who Onizuka is. After this, Kunio heads back into Three Castle to talk with Mika once again. Through her, he learns that Mika was tricked into getting on board with Taira's scheme and that his money comes from a party ticket scam he's running. Kunio thanks Mika for the information after she is called out to leave and tells her that he'll come by another time which excites her.

Kunio RS SC 6

Shun Mochizuki giving out Kunio's identity at the Hanazono Park.

At the Hanazono Park, Kunio will come face to face with Shun Mochizuki who has been waiting for him after hearing about what happened to Taira and Kinoshita. Mochizuki briefly introduces himself before starting a one on one fight against Kunio. After being defeated, Ryōma Hayasaka arrives and witnesses Mochizuki passed out on the ground. Kunio attempts to explain that it was a fair fight he asked for, though Hayasaka refuses to accept his reasoning and attempts to fight him to get revenge anyway. Kunio then fights a group of Reihō Academy and Numaoka Industrial High School students who each wish to get revenge for Mochizuki. After the fight, Mochizuki gets back up and reveals Kunio's identity to the group which gets them pumped up to be fighting such a legend. Kunio then fights against Mochizuki and his followers for the last time until they are defeated for good. Mochizuki then warns Kunio that he'll likely be facing off against Kobayashi next. Shortly after the fight, Hiroshi calls Kunio to pass a message over from Kobayashi requesting that he meets him in front of Reihō Academy on the next day. Outside of the gym on Eito Resort, Kunio will come across Kamijō and Yamamoto who have been looking to have a rematch after extensive training to learn new special moves. Despite their efforts, the pair are easily defeated.

Kunio RS SC 7

Kunio confronting Masao Kobayashi at his abandoned factory.

On the third day, Hiroshi calls Kunio to warn him that Kamijō and Yamamoto are looking to have another fight in front of Yumemi Spa. The two have learned a tag-team move since their last encounter, though they are still beaten by Kunio. The two thank Kunio for continuing to fight them which leaves him confused. Kamijō claims that because they chose to take on such a legend, their fights have helped put their school on the map and that they hope they've become more popular with the girls at their school because of it. Although Kunio assures that he didn't intend on teaching them anything, he gives them credit for having guts which surprises Kamijō and Yamamoto as they immediately gain the motivation to hit the gym and continue their training. Outside of Reihō Academy, Kunio meets Kobayashi who demands to have a fight at his abandoned factory by evening. Kunio initially doesn't see why they'd need to fight, though Kobayashi forces him by threatening to launch an attack on Nekketsu High School if he doesn't show up. Outside of Kobayashi's factory, Mochizuki is seen waiting for Kunio to have a one-on-one rematch against him. Upon being defeated, Kunio is told by Mochizuki how Kobayashi is leagues above the other members of Reihō's Four Kings and that he'll go likely all out in a fight against him. Kunio then heads inside the factory where he is told by one of Kobayashi's men that Kobayashi is having doubts that Kunio is tough enough to take him on, so he decided to test him by having Kunio find and beat each member of his crew in a fight to get the required keys to open the door to the room that he is waiting in. After obtaining each of the keys, Kunio comes face to face with Kobayashi and is told of the factory's history and what Kobayashi's plans are. Kobayashi informs Kunio that he has no real interest in Reihō's takeover scheme and claims that someone above Ryūichi and Ryūji are truly pulling the strings in the operation. Kobayashi asks Kunio to return Reihō back to normal, though Kunio appears confused and questions why he doesn't do so himself. Kobayashi states that he is intrigued by watching the Four Kings work together on something so grand, but admits that he hasn't been heavily involved and decided to jump in at the point he did to see if he can bet on Kunio to return things back to normal. The two then proceed to fight each other with Kunio coming out on top. Kobayashi will then warn Kunio that the twins are leading an attack on Nekketsu High School the next day and that Gōda is currently waiting to meet him outside of Reihō. Before leaving the factory, he hears a sound coming from the other room and comes across Mami who has been captured by Taira. After being attacked by him, Kunio beats Taira in a fight and successfully rescues Mami. When Taira gets back up, he claims that he was keeping Mami hidden away from a different party who had also attempted to kidnap her.

Kunio RS SC 8

Kunio meeting Tsuyoshi Gōda outside of Reihō Academy.

Outside of Reihō Academy, Kunio meets Gōda who immediately asks to have a fight with him. After being defeated, Kunio asks Gōda why he wanted to fight, to which he reveals that he was given orders by Reihō after his school went under their control. Kunio appears confused as to why someone as tough as him would take orders from them, though Gōda reveals that it was because they were threatening to go after his sister Saori Gōda. After hearing about Kunio, he decided to test his strength to see if he's worthy of taking down Reihō. Gōda passes out shortly after with Godai then arriving on scene in immediate distress seeing his friend knocked out. Kunio poorly attempts to de-escalate the situation, though Godai is too enraged to care and fights him for what he's done. Upon being defeated, Gōda wakes up and resolves the situation by explaining what happened between him and Kunio. Later at Starpark Café, Kunio is informed by Mami's friends that she was kidnapped once again by a pair of twins from Reihō as a message to Riki and that Hikaru Saotome is the only other person they have told so far. Saotome arrives on scene to check in on the girls and is surprised to see Kunio around. Kunio then asks Saotome to protect the girls before leaving. On Yumemi First Street, Kunio meets up with Godai who informs him that a girl is waiting for him at the arcade and that she has been asking Nekketsu High School kids about him. Kunio finds Mika at the arcade where he accidentally causes her to lose the crane game she was playing which angers her. Kunio pays back the yen she spent and after Mika wins her prize she mentions that his interest in Reihō's antics have made her remember Makoto Yamagami, someone who used to lurk around Kotobuki Road alongside a kid from Reihō that she was unable to remember the name of. She then leaves to get ready for work.

Kunio RS SC 9

Kunio finding Mika Sakagami on the ground outside of Three Castle.

Later at night, Kunio witnesses a crowd surrounding Mika outside of Three Castle as she lays on the ground injured. Kunio rushes in to check on her and is told by Mika that she asked Makoto about a kid named Yamada which caused him to snap. Inside of Starpark Café, Kunio talks about what happened outside with Shinoda and the Barkeep until a mysterious figure breaks into the building in a rage. Kunio fights off the man and is bewildered by his strange behavior. After the fight, Kunio checks in on Shinoda and asks him to take himself to the hospital. Kunio heads into Three Castle afterwards to see Mika and instead meets Minori Yamagami where she informs Kunio that Mika has quit her job as things were getting too dangerous for her. Minori points out that the assailant's rage was likely triggered by something specific and then asks Kunio if Mika has ever told him anything about Makoto. Kunio then states that he was told Makoto and Yamada were once close, which Minori immediately claims to be the exact cause for why Makoto acted in the way he did. She begins to explain their history and how they ruled over Kotobuki Road together until their falling out. During the conversation, Rina rushes into the building and attempts to warn the two of Makoto's presence, though he follows her into the building and grabs her by the neck. Makoto gets ready to punch her, though Kunio steps in and grabs a hold of his fist before he's able to strike her. Kunio further enrages Makoto by mentioning Yamada's name which causes him to knock Rina up into the air. Kunio catches her and hands her off to Minori where he then asks the two to leave as he begins his fight against Makoto. Upon being defeated, Minori returns to comfort Makoto and apologizes to Kunio. She then asks him to stop by Starpark Café later so she can thank him for saving Rina and stopping Makoto. At the café, Minori reveals that Makoto is her twin brother and that he likely returned because he remembered who Yamada was. She explains that Makoto once told her that Yamada's reason for fighting was because he had unfinished business with the two then coming to the conclusion that he was referring to Kunio himself. Kunio gets ready to leave, though Minori stops him to give him a kiss which causes him to blush and float up into the air.

Kunio RS SC 10

Kunio and Riki on the courtyard of Reihō Academy.

On the final day, Kunio receives a call from Hiroshi that Hanazono High School as knuckled under to Reihō Academy after Mami's kidnapping. Kunio warns Hiroshi that Reihō could attack Nekketsu High School at any moment and orders him to warn Sugata. While on the way to Reihō's campus, he is stopped by Hasebe who has come to warn him about the upcoming attack on Nekketsu. She then states that Mami is being guarded by Ryūichi and Ryūji on the top floor of the school and that she will keep an eye on the twins to make sure they don't harm her. Hasebe then hands Kunio a rice ball she made and wishes him good luck. Kunio then finds Riki at the entrance of the school and decides to team up with him knowing that he's there to rescue Mami. The two come across Onizuka with an army of students on the school's courtyard who was getting ready to depart for Nekketsu High School, though because they've showed up at the school he opts to fight them there. Onizuka then heads into the gym as he leaves the crowd of Reihō students to fight the pair. Kunio and Riki then proceed to fight their way through the entire school and are assisted by their allies along the way. Following the rematch against Kobayashi on the school's top floor, he lets the two pass through where the twins wait for them. Kunio orders Riki to find Mami once they beat the twins and to get her out of the school. He states that Hasebe is currently with her and assures Riki that she likely has not been harmed. Riki then asks Kunio what he plans on doing after, to which Kunio states that he has to do something that's got to be done. The two then move in further where they come face to face with the twins and are told that they'll only be given Mami's whereabouts if they successfully beat them in a fight. The twins are successfully beaten with Hasebe then coming in to bring Mami back to Riki safely. Kunio then presses Ryūichi and Ryūji for information on why they got involved in the first place, though mentions that they were following orders of someone who's beaten them in a fight three months prior after not getting a response out of them. Now flustered, the twins continue to claim that they have no idea what Kunio is talking about, though Kunio then states that Yamada was the one who was pulling their strings. With Hasebe shocked and Riki confused on who he's talking about, Kunio briefly explains that Yamada was someone who he used to know. Hasebe is then able to come to a conclusion on how Yamada fits into the whole picture. The twins eventually let up and tell Kunio that he will be able to find Yamada on the rooftop. Kunio then heads up to fight Yamada alone as Hasebe escorts Riki and Mami out of the school.

Kunio RS SC 12

Kunio and Taiki Yamada in their final battle.

Kunio then confronts Yamada on the rooftop where he proceeds to go into a monologue of his accomplishments and how he's greatly surpassed anything that Kunio has done. Kunio disregards his speech and only comments about how he'll beat Yamada to a pulp. Yamada laughs his threats off and gets ready to put an end to Kunio and show him what he's learned since they last saw each other. Upon being defeated, Kunio listens to Yamada talk about how he's always hated the idea of losing to him, how his scheme was almost a success, and that he vows to come back stronger the next time they cross paths. Without saying a word, Kunio walks back inside to the sight of Hasebe, Riki, and Mami all waiting for him to be done as Hasebe was insistent that Kunio was going to win. The four then leave the school with Kunio stopping along the way to talk with all of those that helped him in this battle. While in the school's courtyard with everyone, Yamada unexpectedly comes back and hurts his allies in a surprise attack. Kunio orders Riki to bring Hasebe and Mami to safety as he goes to fight Yamada once more. He then listens to Yamada reveal his true intentions and that all of what he did was purely out of jealously. Kunio blocks an attack from Yamada with the help of his aura that protects him from Yamada's dark powers. Yamada asks Kunio if he's already fought Makoto, to which Kunio confirms that he did. Surprised that he recovered, Yamada reveals that he was the one who brainwashed Makoto and threatens to do the same thing to Kunio. The two then run towards each other as they fight one last time. Kunio bests Yamada in battle and witnesses the brainwashing ware off on him. Yamada explains that the dark power was supposed to give him the ultimate power, though admits that he never expected it would fail him when he needed it the most. Kunio questions why Yamada went to such extremes, to which Yamada struggles to remember his reasoning other than him coming across the dark power while being so consumed by the desire to defeat Kunio. He then begins to recollect on his memories of Kunio and why he grew to hate him so much. Kunio then asks Yamada if he's over his grudge, in which Yamada admits that being bested this time around felt good and that he plans on withdrawing from Reihō Academy. Kunio begins to think about what would've happened if they fought to the end back in middle school with Yamada thinking that they may have ruled over all the schools in Japan together.

Kunio RS SC 11

Kunio during the ending of Riki's Story.

In Riki's Story, Kunio instead spends the first three days going around town listening to people talk about strange events they witnessed involving Riki. On the final day, Kunio finds Riki on Reihō Academy's rooftop and questions why he's there. Kunio comes to the conclusion that he's there at the fortune teller's request when Riki explains that he's there to lift the belt of the strongest guy to the God of Yumemicho in order to find Mami. Kunio mentions how he's been hearing all about Riki being played by a fortune teller for the past three days and scolds him for not catching on that it was a sham. Ignoring his comments, Riki lifts his belt to the sky and begins listing off all of his wishes until he and Kunio are struck by lightning. Hasebe comes onto the rooftop with Mami while Kunio is left speechless. As Riki and Mami leave, Hasebe points out how Kunio is still putting himself on the line with Kunio asking how he knew he was there. Hasebe doesn't directly answer the question and states that him and Riki have made a mess of themselves and of the school, but notes the situation as being a happy ending regardless. Kunio then questions if he's still the main character of the story.

River City Melee: Battle Royal Special[]

River City Melee: Battle Royal Special makes many references to previous games in the franchise. Although the game states that it takes place right after ~All Stars Special~, the game is probably not canonical, as it contradicts many things from the new continuity started with Nekketsu Kōha Kunio-kun Special.

Kunio returns as the captain of Nekketsu High School's team, the captain of the Nekketsu Dodgeball Club team, the captain of the Jidaigeki team in the role of Kunimasa, and as the captain of the Nekketsu Magical Story team in the role of Cooney. Nekketsu High School's version of Kunio is able to use the Mach Kick, the Nut Shot, and the Fireball Spike. The Dodgeball Club version of Kunio is able to use the Spin Attack, the Nut Shot, and the Penetrating Shot. Kunimasa is able to use the Mach Kick, the Warp Shot, and the Human Helicopter. Cooney is able to use Sliding, Mach Strike, and the Hurricane Crash.

After the end of the previous athletic meet, a new tournament was announced. There have been rumors of frequent attacks against students in other schools. Some believe that these attacks are related to the tournament. Believing that something suspicious is brewing, Kunio asks Sugata to put together a team once more. Sugata angers Kunio, as once again he gathers the same team of freshmen, although he simply was unable to gather any seniors again. According to the rumors Kunio has heard, the attackers bear a resemblance to the Tiger Brothers, but as Kunio has previously fought them and personally knows them, he doubts it.

Kunio and his team eventually defeat all their opponents and get to face the Tiger Brothers, though he is sure that they are not involved with the attacks, he and the Tiger Brothers don't care and are only interested in fighting each other. Toraichi is aware that Kunio's teammates want answers, while Toraji considers them weak. After they defeat the Tiger Brothers, Kunio's teammates realize that it is impossible for the the Tiger Brothers to have been the attackers, though even they are unaware of who could have done it. Kunio then promises to clear their names. After the Tiger Brothers leave, Monji Sumi of Wu Wonfu arrives, annoying Kunio and the others due to his slow arrival.

Sumi reveals that he is responsible for the attacks near Nekketsu High School, as he and Kunio go way back. Though Kunio claims he has never met him, and due to the story taking too long and Sumi being annoying, Kunio decides to fight him immediately. After his defeat, Sumi reveals that a colleague of the friend of the brother of the wife of the brother of his friend was once defeated by Kunio. For this reason alone, he sought to destroy Kunio and Nekketsu High School once and for all. Kunio and his teammates want real details behind the attacks though, and that's when Yasuaki Tsubaki, the leader of Wu Wonfu, and it's remaining members of the group arrive.

Tsubaki explains Wu Wonfu's objective to Kunio and his teammates, but the real mastermind is revealed to be Yūji Munakata, an old enemy of Kunio who wanted revenge for his previous defeat, although Kunio barely remembers him. Yūji created the tournament for the sole reason to get back at Kunio and Riki. This annoyed Kunio, as he would have agreed to a simple one-on-one fight. Kunio's team is given the choice to be crippled or become loyal to Wu Wonfu should they lose. After Kunio defeats them, Yūji learns of the source of Kunio's strength and realizes that he cannot beat him. Yuji and the Wu Wonfu leave, but not before Tsubaki reveals that his series of books are part of the reward for winning the tourney. Tamae Nishino, the master of ceremonies, then arrives with the books. Although Nanase and Morimoto have no problems with the books, though the others are enraged. Nanase and Morimoto leave with Nishino before things get dangerous, as Kunio and the remaining members are pissed at the book's content. They then chase after Wu Wonfu to get revenge.

Kunio also appears in the stories of other teams. He, along with Wu Wonfu, acts as the leader and final boss for the Outlaw team. However, this turned out to actually be Kyōsuke Matsudo.

River City Girls[]

In this continuity, Kunio keeps many of the same characteristics that were part of his other depictions, though is made to be the boyfriend of Misako. Kunio and Riki serve as the main catalysts to the game's story. He is voiced by Greg Chun.

Kunio Riki RCG Manga SC

Kunio and Riki in a photo sent to Kyōko's phone.

During the beginning of the game, Misako and Kyōko receive a mysterious text while in detention that shows a photo of them supposedly being kidnapped. The girls run throughout all of town fighting anyone that gets in their way in search of any information on their whereabouts. Many faces they come across during their adventure, most notably their love rivals Hasebe and Mami, hint at or outright claim that the boys are not in love with Misako and Kyōko. The girls eventually reach the Sanwakai Tower thinking that their boss Sabu was responsible for the kidnapping of Kunio and Riki, though they'd eventually realize the Sanwakai had no involvement and would fight Sabu's daughter Sabuko as she wanted to set an example out of them for storming through the tower. The girls defeat Sabuko and kick her out of the window where they then crash into the sauna nearby. Inside of the sauna, Kunio and Riki are able to be seen together relaxing until they spot the girls.

Kunio Riki RCG Manga SC 2

Kunio and Riki getting ready to leave the sauna.

In the game's bad ending, Kunio notes the two as being the crazy girls they've met before and struggles to remember their names. The two then leave with Kunio suggesting that they go see Hasebe and Mami. Enraged, the girls proceed to punch the boys out of the roof. In the game's true ending, Kunio appears confused as to what made the girls think they got kidnapped. As the boys get ready to leave, Kunio asks Misako and Kyōko if they'd like to join them on a burger date. Upon completing the game once, Kunio and Riki are both unlocked as playable characters. The story does not change with any of them present and will act as if they are not present.

River City Melee Mach!![]

Nekketsu High School's Kunio would have his Mach Kick replaced with the Mach Kick A, a variant of the move that has a fourth finishing strike. The player can follow it up with a jumping soccer kick by pressing the punch button after the final kick. When the Nut Shot is performed, the thrown item will now turn into a dodgeball. The Fireball Spike was visually changed to look similarly to how it did in Surprise! Nekketsu New Records! The Distant Gold Medal.

Although this is not listed in his special moves, Kunio is now able to perform the Nuts Shot when kicking the soccer ball on the soccer field stage.

Stay Cool, Kobayashi-san!: A River City Ransom Story[]

Kunio is introduced to Kōki Mizoguchi by Kobayashi and appears suspicious of him, worrying if they're playing him or trying to pull something. He decides to keep watch of Kobayashi and accompanies him throughout the game. Kunio is available as an assist or can be controlled by the player.

River City Saga: Three Kingdoms[]

Kunio plays the role of Guan Yu, a righteous general who's admired by many and swore an oath of brotherhood with Liu Bei (Goda) and Zhang Fei (Godai).

In the story mode, Kunio is controlled in singleplayer or as the first player in co-op. In the China Heroes gamemode, Kunio is one of the four default characters that can be selected. Carrying over from Rival Showdown, Kunio is able to gain experience that can be allocated to certain stats, equip armor, or gain special moves that can be changed to your liking. When playing in China Heroes, Kunio will have the Mach Kick, Nuts Shot, Tornado Kick, Fireball Spike, and the Green Dragon Crescent Blade.

River City Girls 2[]

Kunio returns as a playable character and is now available from the start. Greg Chun returns as the English voice actor with Makoto Furukawa voicing him in the newly added Japanese dub.

Kunio and Riki heads off to get lunch with Misako and Kyoko right after the girls found them at the sauna. With the Sanwakai taking control over River City in retaliation for Sabuko's defeat in the previous game, Kunio joins the girls to assist them in their battle for bringing the city back to normal.

Other video games[]

Double Dragon[]

In the Arcade version of Double Dragon, Kunio makes a cameo appearance on a billboard advertising the Arcade version of Nekketsu Renegade Kunio-kun during the first mission. Due to vertical scrolling having a limit, the full sign is never able to be seen.

The Combatribes[]

In the Super Famicom version of the game, Kunio makes a cameo appearance in the background of the second stage.

Shadow Force[]

In the Japanese version of the game, Kunio will appear at the start of the attract mode with an anti-bullying message for the player. In all versions of the game, he is additionally able to be seen on a billboard with the Technōs Japan logo on the construction site stage.

Bakura no Koshien! Pocket[]


Kunio appears as a playable character and as an assist. His assist will be playing the role of Kunimasa based off his appearance in Downtown Nekketsu Jidaigeki. A remix of the main theme heard in Downtown Nekketsu Story is played when playing as him in the story mode.

Baseball Superstars 2020[]

Super Smash Bros Ultimate[]

Kunio appeared in the "River City Smash" Spirit Board event as one of the spirit battles. Kunio's battle was represented by a Mii Brawler on Moray Towers with an increased attack power, neutral specials being favored, and items frequently spawning after a while.

Mighty Fight Federation[]

Kunio appeared as a playable character on November 4th, 2021 as part of the "Kunio & Riki Pack" DLC.

In Kunio's Arcade story, he is sent to the principal's office at Nekketsu High School and is scolded for his countless truancies and suspensions before he realizes that the person speaking isn't actually the principal. Kunio gets ready to attack Hyperion with a chair, though Hyperion decides that he's a perfect fit for his tournament and teleports Kunio into his world.

When Kunio comes across Riki, he appears confused that he's also participating the tournament. Riki is interested in showing Kunio how strong he really is, to which Kunio laughs off the comment and begins to fight. Upon finding Tunestone, he's confused that a student is participating in the tournament and questions if Kunio should be at school, though Kunio questions if Tunestone should be having skin, which leads to an awkward pause before Tunestone admits that he doesn't have a comeback. On the final fight, Hyperion is impressed by Kunio's strength but believes that it still won't be any match for him. Kunio warns Hyperion that he hasn't seen what he's capable of yet.

During the ending, Kunio stands over a defeated Hyperion and threatens a further beating, though Hyperion admits defeat and begs to not be beaten up any further. With Kunio now being granted a wish, he decides to take Hyperion back home and host a dodgeball tournament against him. Kunio defeats Hyperion's team with ease in the tournament.

The Battle Cats[]

Speed Rush Runners[]

Kunio appears as a playable character unlocked from the Gacha.

Other media appearances[]

Ore wa Otoko Da! Kunio-kun[]

He appears in the first chapter, helping the members of the Nekketsu soccer team defeat Riki, who had taken control of the team.

In the tenth chapter, the story of how Kunio was transferred to Nekketsu High School and met Hiroshi is told. Kunio is forced by his mother not to comb his hair or dress like a delinquent, at the same time that she forbids him from fighting because of a promise that Kunio made to his father, who was not with them.

Nekketsu Kōha Kunio-kun (4koma Manga Kingdom)[]

Kunio-kun! Nekketsu Game![]

Nekketsu Kōha Kunio-kun (TV Series)[]

Ā, Nekketsu Kantai Gayuku![]

Nekketsu Kōha Kunio-kun: Rantō Enbu-hen[]

Kunio was played by Takuya Mizoguchi.

Inugami Korone x Kunio-kun[]

Kunio and Riki were featured in a Kunio-kun themed merchandise collaboration between Arc System Works and Hololive's Korone.

Pop Team Epic[]

In Season 2's "Bump-Boo Crusaders", Popuko and Pipimi appear dressed as Kunio and Riki in a parody of an old-school banchō anime.[3]

Nekketsu Kōha Kunio-kun Gaiden River City Girls[]

Kunio was to be played by Ryotaro Kosaka, though the play would be cancelled due to one of the cast members testing positive for COVID.[4]

Localized versions[]

  • In Renegade, Kunio was changed to a nameless vigilante who had to rescue his girlfriend from a gang of thugs. The NES version of the game gives him the name Mr. K.
  • In the NES version of Super Dodge Ball, Kunio was named Sam, a captain of Team USA.
  • In River City Ransom, Kunio is known as Alex. His full name is expanded to Alex Kun in River City Ransom Underground.
  • In Crash 'n the Boys: Street Challenge, Kunio was named Jeff "Crash" Cooney, a captain of Team Southside High School.


  • He is named after Technōs Japan's former president, Kunio Taki.
  • Kunio has no surname. The closest he has had to a surname is Oyama, due to second Oyama brother in Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone being named Kunio. In the TV drama, he is given the surname Fu'unji (風雲児).
  • Kunio is the only character whose name was not mixed up in Nintendo World Cup.
  • Kunio's birthday is on November 27, the same as Bruce Lee. Kishimoto choose this date in order to pay homage to Lee[5].
  • Kunio can be considered Nekketsu High's Banchō (番長), a Japanese term used to call the leader of a juvenile delinquent gang. This can be noticed due to the fact most of his schoolmates often look up to him (examples include Hiroshi and Sugata), and is always the captain of the Nekketsu High sports team in every respective game. Also, the typical image of a banchō is an uncouth fighter who has a strong sense of honor.
  • The character Yusuke Urameshi from the anime and manga series Yu Yu Hakusho bears a resemblance to him. Yusuke's personality is similar to Kunio's as well.





Other Media[]


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