Character Information
Dnmex kumada

Artwork of Kumada from a Downtown Nekketsu illustration book.

Name: Jūzō Kumada
Name (kanji/kana): 熊田重蔵 (Kumada Jūzō)
くまだ じゅうぞう (Kumada Jūzō)
Affiliation(s) Torashima Industries IV High School
School Union (Jefferson High School in Crash 'n the Boys: Street Challenge)
Year Senior
Birthday September 6
Blood Type B
Localized Name(s) Clifford "Barns" Barnsworth (Crash 'n The Boys Street Challenge)

Ted (River City Ransom EX)
Swole (River City: Tokyo Rumble)

Jūzō Kumada (熊田重蔵 Kumada Jūzō, くまだ じゅうぞう Kumada Jūzō) is a third year student of Torashima Industries IV High School and a member of the school Judo club. He first appears in Downtown Nekketsu Kōshinkyoku: Soreyuke Daiundōkai. He is the eldest son of the owner of a rice grain shop and influenced by his grandfather, aims to become the best judoka. Although he hates bullies, he dislikes weaklings who make no effort to get stronger even more so.

Localized Versions

  • Clifford "Barns" Barnsworth in Crash 'n The Boys Street Challenge.
  • Ted in River City Ransom EX.
  • Swole in River City: Tokyo Rumble.
Jidaigeki nes torazou

Kumada (left) in the role of Torazō in Downtown Special.

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