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Hibari is the most recognizable fashion designer in River City and one of the bosses in River City Girls.


River City Girls[]

Acting on a lead obtained from Yōko, Kyōko and Misako proceed to Hibari's establishment in Uptown to speak with her directly, since one of Kunio and Riki's abductors was wearing a custom jacket made by the said designer. Unfortunately, none of the employees inside answered them on the designer's whereabouts. They had no choice but to leave.

The two run into Hasebe and Mami outside, waiting their turn to request a custom-made outfit. According to them, an appointment with Hibari required an expensive, golden offering, which neither Kyōko nor Misako could afford.

The duo make their way to Skullmageddon's pawnshop afterward and get an imitation golden cat statue for the paltry sum of ten dollars. Despite looking all beat-up and not made of real gold, this proves sufficient. They are able to confront Hibari, who vehemently denies any and all connection to the kidnapping of their boyfriends and a fight ensues.

After they prevail against her, Hibari brings up the possibility that people who get abducted usually end up in the Downtown Slums. She opens up a secret passageway for them to use to get there fast.