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Go-Go! Nekketsu Hockey Club Slip-and-Slide Madness[1] (いけいけ!熱血ホッケー部「すべってころんで大乱闘」 Ike Ike! Nekketsu Hockey Bu: Subette Koronde Dairantō?) is an ice hockey game for the Family Computer (Famicom), both developed and published by Technōs Japan and released in 1992. It is the ninth game in the Kunio-kun series and the seventh Kunio-kun game released on the Famicom. It is a sequel to Nekketsu Kōkō Dodgeball Bu: Soccer Hen.

This game was planned to be released in North America under the title of Crash 'n the Boys: Ice Challenge, but it was cancelled.


The seventh game in the Kunio-kun series for the Famicom was the first game developed by the Technōs Japan Niigata Development team, designed by Koji Kai. The game was in development for a year[2].


Kunio takes command of the Hockey club.

Translated excerpt from the game's manual. This is the story shown in DOUBLE DRAGON & Kunio-kun Retro Brawler Bundle. It is written by Kaori.

Hello! My name is Kaori and I'm a member of the Nekketsu High School newspaper club. Thanks to Kunio, the Nekketsu High School's dodgeball and soccer teams are now really well-known. They've even taken part in international competitions! We have a hockey team here as well, but they don't play all that well. If they lose their next game against Shirogane High School, the team will be disbanded. Who thinks the Nekketsu hockey team can shape up to be more like the dodgeball or soccer team?

Go, go, Nekketsu hockey team!

Take us all the way to the national tournament!


The game has two modes: Scenario (しなりお Shinario) and Battle (たいせん Taisen). Both modes have two modes each. Scenario has a single player mode and a two player mode. In single player, the player controls the one of the three characters playing in the ice rink and the goalkeeper simultaneously. In two player mode, the first player controls any of the the three characters in the ice rink while the second player controls the goalkeeper. Before starting a game in Scenario, the player can input a password to continue their progress.

Battle mode allows two players to face each other, controlling the main players and the goalkeeper simultaneously. The four player mode allows two players to control any of the three players in each team, while two other players control the goalkeeper.

Before starting a game, players select which characters take the respective positions: Forward, Winger, Defense and Goalkeeper. Games are played with three players in three periods lasting three minutes.

Just like in Nekketsu Kōkō Dodgeball Bu: Soccer Hen, there are no offside penalties. It is possible to attack other players using the hockey stick and tackles. If characters are hit multiple times, they become angry and instead of tackling, they use punches and kicks. If they connect against another player with a punch or kick multiple times, that character is penalized and moved to the penalty box until the opposing team scores a goal.

Like in Nekketsu Kōkō Dodgeball Bu and Soccer Hen, all characters have access to Super Shots. The game can be played in multiple arenas, some with additional hazards.

The game's controls depends on if the player is on offense or defense.


Characters jump by pressing A and B buttons at the same time. Dashing is performing by double tapping either Left or Right on the Directional Pad. Double tapping Up or Down on the directional pad initiates an U-turn in that direction.

Pressing the A button throws the puck into the air in front of the character who has it. Holding down the A button will have the character perform a flip pass to the nearest teammate.

The B button is used to shoot the puck. Super Shots can be performed in different ways:

  • Holding down the B button and releasing it at the right time. This uses up power. If the button is held too long, the character becomes stunned and loses control of the puck.
  • Hit the puck at the right height after a flip pass.
  • Throw the puck into the air, jump and hit it when the puck is at a certain height.
  • Slap the puck when it is passed and in range. This is the must difficult attempt at a Super Shot.


Pressing the A button will have the character attempt to trip up another player with their stick. A long stick attack can be performed by jumping (pressing A and B buttons simultaneously) and pressing A. Pressing the A button while dashing will have the character perform a Rotating Stick Attack. The Jumping Machine Swing can be performed by dashing, and pressing A during a jump.

The B button initiates a shoulder tackle. Pressing the B button in midair will have the character throw a punch.


Team setup displaying character stats. Only Power, Speed and Weight are displayed.

  • Power: A character's stamina. If this is empty, the character is unable to perform a Super Shot.
  • Speed: Character's movement speed and the length of the curve when the character performs an u-turn.
  • Weight: The higher this stat, the harder it is for a character to be knocked down by a tackle. It also determines the tackle's strength.
  • GK: This stat determines if the character is good as a goalkeeper. Characters with a high GK stat have a higher chance of catching a puck thrown at them and can move farther from the goal. This stat is not displayed in-game, the tables below display a letter, with A indicating high proficiency and D a low proficiency.
  • Personality: The character's temperament. The stat (which is not shown in-game like GK) has three types: Calm, Tempered and Passionate. Characters who are calm (A in the tables below) get angry for 30 seconds, tempered characters (B) get angry for 10 seconds and passionate characters (C) get angry for 1 minute.


Uniform selection before a match begins.

In Scenario Mode, the player is granted uniforms upon defeating a team. They affect two stats: Attack and Defense, and offer special properties:

  • Hockey (ほっけー): Has 16 Attack and 25 Defense. The starting uniform of the Hockey Club.
  • Kendō (けんどう): The uniform used by the Nekketsu High School Kendō Club. It has 28 Attack and 32 Defense. Characters can perform a Shockwave Attack by jumping and pressing the B button while playing defense.
  • Yakyū (やきゅう): The Nekketsu High School Baseball Club uniform. It has 24 Attack and 12 Defense. The goalkeeper can use the bat to launch a Super Shot at the opposing goalkeeper.
  • Special 1 (すぺ・1): The uniform of the Yurigaoka Girls Hockey Club. This uniform specializes on defense. It has 12 Attack and 62 Defense.
  • Amefuto (あめふと): The American Football uniforms used by Hanazono High School team. It has 30 Attack and 50 Defense. While playing on defense, players can use the Backdrop to grab and knockdown opponents.
  • Roller (ろーらー): The uniform used by the Tanibana Killers. Has 46 Attack and 19 Defense. By holding down the B button, characters perform the Bōjutsu Special, making it easier to perform Super Shots.
  • Special 2 (すぺ・2): An uniform awarded after defeating the Shirogane High School Hockey Club. It has the highest Defense, 80, and an Attack stat of 28.
  • Special 3 (すぺ・3): The uniform awarded after defeating Banba Industries. An above average costume with the second highest attack power (45) and the second highest defense (72).

Arena Rinks[]

Arena selection in Battle Mode.

During Scenario Mode, the player will play against their opponents in different ice rinks. All five of these arenas are can be selected in Battle Mode.

  • Nekketsu High School Indoor Skate Field (ねっけつ): A normal ice rink where games are played normally. The first three matches in Scenario Mode are played here.
  • Hanazono High School Special Rink (はなぞの): In this rink, players can bounce off the walls. The match against Hanazono High School takes place in this arena. Characters speed up if they bounce around the walls while dashing.
  • Tanibana High School Special Skate Field (たにばな): This rink has landmines, which decrease a character's power if they happen to run into them. This ice rink is used in the match against the Tanibana Killers.
  • Shirogane High School Indoor Skate Field (しろがね): The surface of this rink is in rough conditions and if the puck hits any pieces of ice scattered around, it will change direction. The match with Shirogane takes place in this arena.
  • Technōs Japan Ice Arena: This rink is similar to the Nekketsu High School Indoor Skate Field. The final three matches of the game are played at this arena.


The game has 11 teams with five characters each. In Scenario Mode, two additional characters join the Hockey Club after the match with Hanazono and Banba Industries, respectively. These two characters, Toyoichi and Hide, are unplayable in Battle Mode.

The Nekketsu High School Dodge Ball Club is only playable in the game's first match against the Hockey Club, but it is possible to play the entire game starting from the match with the Kendō Club using a password. The Banba Industries and the Shitennoji team are unplayable in Battle Mode.

Nekketsu High School's Hockey Club[]

Led by Yōichi, a player with good strength and skill. His timid personality frustrates his teammates. Kaori, a Nekketsu High School Student who belongs to the Newspaper Club watches over the Hockey Club's activities. She affectionately calls all members (sans Yōichi) "octopuses" (たこ Tako). After Kunio's Dodge Ball Club defeats this team, he takes over the club to prepare them for their match against Shirogane High School.

Hideki is a fast character with good defense and Tsuyoshi an ideal goalkeeper with weight higher than 100. Masashi is faster than Hideki but has lower stamina. Toyoishi is the fastest character in the team and while Hide has less weight than Tsuyoshi, he is a talented goalkeeper. Kunio and Yōichi are above average characters.

CharacterPowerSpeedWeightGKPersonalitySpecial Shot
Kunio 1809865CBNuts Shot
Yōichi 1869272CADejected Shot
Hideki1448364BBCompressed Shot
Tsuyoshi17254102BCRotating Shot
Masashi9611858DAOne-cushion Shot
Toyoichi17611569CAUpper Shot II
Hide1659062AABig Curve Shot
  • Nuts Shot - Kunio's trademark shot, the puck flies forward in the shape of a disc that cuts through everything in its path.
  • Dejected Shot - Yōichi's Super Shot. After the puck flies a short distance forward, it slowly descends into the ground and remains in place. If another player collides with the puck, they will be sent flying and their power will be fully depleted.
  • Compressed Shot - Super Shot used by Hideki. The puck shrinks in size and slowly moves forward, knocking away anything that collides with it.
  • Rotating Shot - Tsuyoshi's Super Shot. The puck spins around the goal for a while, then stops in front of the goal and flies toward it.
  • One-cushion Shot - Masashi's Super Shot, the puck will bounce off the farthest wall from the goal before soaring directly into it.
  • Upper Shot II - A stronger version of Riki's trademark Super Shot. Used by Toyoichi.
  • Big Curve Shot - This mysterious Super Shot is used by Hide. It is a regular shot until it gets right in front of the goalkeeper, where it turns into a power shot.

Nekketsu High School's Dodge Ball Club[]

Kunio and his teammates from the Dodge Ball Club, they also previously assisted him and the Soccer Club. All characters in this team have higher power (stamina) than the players in the Hockey Club.

Shinichi is a fast character while Kōji is surprisingly heavy. Hiroshi has high weight and is suitable as a goalkeeper, while Mitsuhiro shares the same goalkeeping skills as Hiroshi, but is the slowest member in the team.

With the exception of Kunio, all members in this team use the Power Shot, an enhanced version of a normal shot.

CharacterPowerSpeedWeightGKPersonalitySpecial Shot
Kunio 1809865CBNuts Shot
Shinichi 16212163BBPower Shot
Kōji 1749262BBPower Shot
Hiroshi 1658469ABPower Shot
Mitsuhiro 1655866ABPower Shot

Nekketsu High School's Kendo Club[]

Match against the Kendō club.

The Kendō Club of Nekketsu High School is led by Tōru a superb and experienced swordsman who has won the last two national competitions. His hobby is tea ceremonies. This team does not possess a Super Shot. Instead they are able to use the Shock Wave attack with their bamboo sticks.

CharacterPowerSpeedWeightGKPersonalitySpecial Shot
Tōru 1625764DANone

Nekketsu High School's Baseball Club[]

Sparring match with the Baseball club.

Led by Sadao, the top slugger in Nekketsu High School. He is capable of hitting a 150 km home run. This team's Super Shot is the Warp Shot. The puck slowly flies forward then vanishes. It then appears right in front of the goalkeeper.

CharacterPowerSpeedWeightGKPersonalitySpecial Shot
Sadao 1889966CBWarp Shot
Takayuki1859462DAWarp Shot
Daisaku1797459DAWarp Shot
Shingo1457558CBWarp Shot
Noboru1437255BAWarp Shot

Yurigaoka Girls High School's Hockey Club[]

Match against the Yurigaoka Girls.

This team is led by Yōko, the chairman of the school's Magical Club. However, the team is composed of hockey experts that are not as easy to overwhelm. Their Super Shot is the magical Teddy Bear Shot. The puck morphs into a small bear that bounces toward the goal, stops in front of the goalkeeper and jumps at them, knocking them away.

CharacterPowerSpeedWeightGKPersonalitySpecial Shot
Yōko 15212452CBTeddy Bear Shot
Satsuki12812849CBTeddy Bear Shot
Mika15011850DCTeddy Bear Shot
Kazuyo14812248CBTeddy Bear Shot
Miyuki18012647BCTeddy Bear Shot

Hanazono High School's American Football Club[]

Kunio and Riki face-off once again.

Led by Kunio's rival Riki. They have a series of powerful attacks, including headbutts, backdrops and kicks. All members in this team use Riki's trademark Super Shot, the Upper Shot. The puck soars up into the sky then drops right on top of the goalkeeper. It then moves toward the goal.

CharacterPowerSpeedWeightGKPersonalitySpecial Shot
Riki 1829880CBUpper Shot
Bob1859692CAUpper Shot
Takurō1607582CBUpper Shot
Kenta1757390BBUpper Shot
Hisato1808175BBUpper Shot

Tanibana High School's Roller Skate Team[]

Fighting against the Tanibana Killers.

This team is led by Godai. A violent and scary team that plays in anger and has high attack power. They can perform the Bōjutsu Special, making it difficult to stop them from charging a Super Shot. Their Super Shot is the Spinning Shot, the puck spins sideways at a high speed while moving toward the goalkeeper.

CharacterPowerSpeedWeightGKPersonalitySpecial Shot
Godai 1859574CCSpinning Shot
Shirako16711060CBSpinning Shot
Yokoyama1649985CCSpinning Shot
Senda1868994BASpinning Shot
Mitsuru1608670ACSpinning Shot

Shirogane High School's Hockey Club[]

Fateful match against Shirogane High School.

The team that the Nekketsu High School's Hockey Club must defeat, otherwise the Hockey Club is disbanded. It is led by Yamashita. Each member of this team has different Super Shots. Yamashita, Kurita and Furusawa have the Low Spin Shot, it is similar to the Spinning Shot used by the Tanibana Killers, but it spins upward. Nishio and Yumoto use the Compressed Shot, the same Super Shot as Hideki.

CharacterPowerSpeedWeightGKPersonalitySpecial Shot
Yamashita 20596100CBLow Spin Shot
Nishio1889274CBCompressed Shot
Kurita1755595BBLow Spin Shot
Yumoto20346105BBCompressed Shot
Furusawa1775393BBLow Spin Shot

Banba Industries High School's Hockey Club[]

Match against Banba Industries.

A high school from the Tohoku region, the first opponents that Nekketsu High School faces in the Inter High Hockey Tournament. Although powerful, the members of this team are slow. It is led by Sakurai. With the exception of Miwa (who uses Hide's Big Curve Shot), all members in this team use the Penya Penya Shot. The puck flies toward the goalkeeper in the form of a giant hawk.

This team is unplayable in Battle Mode. Each team has five members, but the CPU only uses the first four members of each team. As a result, Saiki is never seen in-game, but his stats and his sprite are in the game.

CharacterPowerSpeedWeightGKPersonalitySpecial Shot
Sakurai 240112105AAPenya Penya Shot
Miwa232120102AABig Curve Shot
Gōro246110108AAPenya Penya Shot
Karasawa248106112AAPenya Penya Shot
Saiki242105106AAPenya Penya Shot

Shitennoji Academy's Hockey Club[]

his team from Kansai led by Azuma serves as the semifinal opponent of the Inter High Hockey Tournament, a team of powerhouses with high mobility and power that is even more aggressive than the Tanibana Killers. They specialize in rough play, attacking the goalkeeper at the same time as one of their players makes a shot at them. They always make sure to send their opponents to the hospital. With the exception of Okumura, all members of this team use the Rebound Shot as their Super Shot. The puck will rebound off the walls several times before making its way toward the goalkeeper. Okumura uses the Upper Shot III, the final version of Riki's trademark shot.

Like the previous team, this team is unplayable in the game's Battle Mode. Takase, the final member of the team, is not used by the CPU during the game, but his data and sprite exists.

CharacterPowerSpeedWeightGKPersonalitySpecial Shot
Azuma 24812898ABRebound Shot
Aridome19613295ACRebound Shot
Okumura24512689ACUpper Shot III
Kadowaki246100102BCRebound Shot
Takase19810090ACRebound Shot

Daisetsuzan High School's Hockey Club[]

The final match against Daisetsuzan.

The final team of the Inter High Hockey Tournament and the candidate expected to win. Hailing from Hokkaido, the team is led by Tobiyama, who is being scouted by professional Canadian hockey teams (he also studies their strategies). The team is equipped with headgear and their stats are at the highest level. Each member of this team as their own Super Shot. Tobiyama's Hurricane Shot turns the puck into a literal hurricane, catching players and hurling them (along with the puck) toward the goalkeeper. The remaining members use the Rebound Shot (Akai), Rotating Shot (Tarutani), Big Curve Shot (Sera) and Upper Shot II (Hanaoka).

CharacterPowerSpeedWeightGKPersonalitySpecial Shot
Tobiyama 18810068BBHurricane Shot
Akai20412097BARebound Shot
Tarutani18512670CBRotating Shot
Sera2079789ABBig Curve Shot
Hanaoka18211061AAUpper Shot II


The April 1993 issue of EGM[3] contained a preview of Crash 'n the Boys: Ice Challenge. The game was teased after the ending of Crash 'n the Boys: Street Challenge. The game was cancelled.

Codes, Secrets & Bugs[]


Passwords are used to continue in-game progress in Scenario Mode. Passwords are awarded to the player after they defeat an opposing team, they appear on the top right of Kaori's newspaper article. This screen appears after the scoreboard display once the third period ends. Otherwise, they receive the password upon losing in a separate screen if they chose to quit.

  • Vs. Nekketsu High School's Baseball Club - 6088
  • Vs. Yurigaoka Girls High School's Hockey Club - 4994
  • Vs. Hanazono High School's American Football Club - 6342
  • Vs. Tanibana High School's Roller Skate Team - 7153
  • Vs. Shirogane High School's Hockey Club - 8368
  • Vs. Banba Industries High School's Hockey Club - 6562

The game has additional passwords that are never revealed by the game. These hidden passwords are listed below:

  • Vs. Nekketsu High School's Kendo Club - 2437
  • Vs. Shitennoji Academy's Hockey Club - 0508
  • Vs. Daisetsuzan High School's Hockey Club - 9250

Scenario Mode as Dodge Ball Club (Reverse Mode)[]

This mode is accessed by using the following password: 4728. The player begins the match against the Kendo Club using Kunio and the Dodgeball Club. The player receives no new uniforms from defeated teams and no passwords upon winning or losing the game. Players may attempt to complete the game using these conditions as a challenge.

Sound Test[]

Inputting the following password will enable a sound test, 7031.

Kunio's coming through![]

If you leave the title screen alone without pressing any buttons, Kunio will eventually run across the screen past Yōichi and the dog. The two will then follow after him.

Kaori's Uppercut[]

Normally in the continue screen of Scenario Mode, Kunio will ask Yōichi to continue and knock him out with an uppercut if he refuses. If the player loses the game with a five point difference, Kaori will instead ask both Kunio and Yōichi to continue. If they refuse, she will knock the two of them out with an uppercut.

Dancing Bear[]

When playing against Hanazono in Scenario Mode, if the player manages to get to the second period without Hanazono scoring a dancing bear will move across the arena instead of the janitor during the interval.

Mitsuhiro/Kunio Bug[]

When playing as the Dodge Ball Club, after Mitsuhiro recovers from his anger, his face will be that of Kunio. His face returns to normal when a period ends, a match ends, when any player scores or when a player is sent to the penalty box.

Teddy Bear Shot Bug[]

When the Teddy Bear Shot from the Yurigaoka Girls is performed too close to the goal, it will sometimes the Super Shot will teleport behind the goal and continue moving past it until it returns to normal.

Scoreboard Glitch[]

If a team's score is higher than 100, the graphics of their score will appear glitched at the scoreboard.

Three more seconds[]

The game adds three extra seconds to a period if a goal is scored at the last second of the period.


Kunio-kun Nekketsu Collection 3 for the Game Boy Advance included Ike Ike! Nekketsu Hockey Bu: Subette Koronde Dairantō together with Downtown Special: Kunio-kun no Jidaigeki da yo Zen'in Shūgō!. It was published by Atlus, ported by Miracle Kidz and released on February 16, 2006 exclusively in Japan. PocketNES, an incomplete NES emulator for the Game Boy Advance created by flubba, was used to port the games. This caused many problems for both games in the compilation such as high screen flickering and the inability to save the game in Downtown Special. The quality of these ports diminished the expectations of fans immensely as they awaited a new entry in the series after Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari EX[4].

The game was re-released multiple times digitally on Nintendo systems. The Famicom version was released by Arc System Works on the Wii Virtual Console on August 18, 2009 in Japan and October 14, 2008 in Korea. The game was later released to the 3DS Virtual Console on August 7, 2013. It was released once again for the Wii U Virtual Console on June 19, 2014.

The game is also featured in the Nintendo 3DS compilation Kunio-kun Nekketsu Complete: Famicom Hen, released on December 8, 2016 only in Japan. This version of the game is also included in Kunio-kun: The World Classics Collection released on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows in 2018.






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