Chisato (ちさと?), or Jessica, is a Japanese civilian who lived in Osaka. She is a strong woman having a skills manipulation. Her appearances in the Shodai (SNES).


She is a brown-blonde haired woman and is wearing a white shirt and women's blue denim jeans. Who also wearing a green tight skirt.

Role in ShodaiEdit

Kunio talking in action when pressed the A button to talk the Chisato. It is fighting Chisato when attacked by player is going to beat the Chisato.


- Do you know how to get to?

- Whaddya think YOU'RE doin'!

- She's a woman only!

- Kunio, my name is Chisato, it is called "Jessica", what do you want?

- Do you know how to get to Shinsaibashi.

- Do you know how to get to Nanba.

- Do you know how to get to Ebisuchô.

- How DARE YOU!!! Kunio!

- Sorry, she is a woman only.



  • Kunio talking the woman still walking like catwalk fashion model contest, Chisato can be killed by player and gained as a 43 XP.

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